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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Weather Whinging

So, it was -16 when I drove to work this morning. That's Fahrenheit, folks, and doesn't include the wind chill (-30 something).

But the sad thing is I had the AC on in a futile attempt to keep the windows from fogging up!

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Mood: contentFriday and I'm warm!

yep. same here. about 13-18 all day. i'm sitting by the fire all bundled up cuz there's a freezing draft coming in from my office door (no heat in my office). brrrrrrr

13-18? Sweet! Too bad about the lack of heat, though.

no kidding! it would e a beautiful balmy day except for that sorrowful lack of heat!

That reminds me; I need to call my mom in MN.

Doesn't your defroster work?

The problem was more with the side windows.

Give your Ma a call!

Ah yes. I had forgotten about side windows. I'll call her; I seem to only think of it around 11p.m. Maybe a sticky on the monitor would help. Do try to stay warm in this weather.

It's up to 11 this morning! Woohoo!

Were you trying to make the defroster jealous?

Side windows.

Holy crap, I've been bitching because it was getting down into the 30s overnight here. Thanks for the perspective.

Fortunately, days like that are pretty rare here - a couple each year.

And while I think of overnight lows in the 30s as pretty mild for January, I have the clothing for it. Also no worries about the plants getting frost bit because that ship has long since sailed.

Please don't hate me 'cos I'm warm.

We've had highs around 80 for a week, lows in the mid 40s. OTOH we've had strong offshore winds along with, so we're operating under high fire danger conditions. Southern California usually gets a few days like this in mid-January but this time it's going on for about a week and a half which is freaking weird.

Hey! I grew up on the PVP, if it counts as "growing up" when I left when I was 10. In many ways, I still regard myself as a California girl.

Pilgham doesn't much care for summer and I really loathe midwest winters so I suggested we move somewhere that only has spring and fall.

Interestingly enough, PVP and other coastal regions are almost as warm as us inland folks because of the wind direction. They were in the mid 70s today.