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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Old picture I found...

Edit 8:20:
I was trying to figure out how to use the lj-embed tag, unsuccessfully, when I ran across this:

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to embed the results but it is nifty cool.


Heck yeah, nifty cool.

I don't think it does all your friends or all their pictures, though. I think it just starts in alpha order until it fills up whatever size it allows and quits.

Of course, if I'm gonna bitch I should do better an that's not gonna happen.

You've inadvertently trumped 2 of my potential LJ entries. They're laying off over 1500 at hubby's job and the cat found a scorpion in the house last nite. Maybe I should just finally cough up the Rachel in the elevator story.

The doodad on the link is pretty cool. How did you do the thing with the spider? Was the pic like that? I can't stop watching it even though it gives me the shivers.

You can mess with the spider with your cursor!

You've seen all the fish posts? It's the same thing. Click on the logo in the upper right. Then click on "Gadgets" for the complete list. There are quite a few. They're somewhat customizable and several allow you to enter an address for a background which is what I did for the picture.

Edit: left! left! I mean upper left!

Edited at 2009-01-10 05:35 pm (UTC)

I would have taken all day to figure out the spider moved toward my cursor. I was trying to figure out a pattern to the movements and couldn't pin it down.

The spider was the coolest I think. *shivers again*

My company only had 3300 employees so a layoff of 1500 would definitely have been a sign to jump ship!

How secure is your husband?

Your cat is always finding scorpions.

This is why we prefer our insects in resin. They haven't found one in the house for a couple of years and they're always isolated incidents but they absolutely freak me out and fascinate me. Sometimes I give myself the creeps.

Brian's company has been laying off huge numbers of people since October. 700 one week and 300 the next. They finally have so few they invoked the Warn act which states that if a company plans to lay off more tan 50% of their workforce they have to send out advance notice.

I think he's secure; he works for corporate. We'll have our place paid for in March and the payments for the Explorer will be done either then or in April so financially this is not as threatening as it could be. We just don't want to live here anymore so he's looking around more actively. He's got a masters and is almost done with his PhD so teaching distance learning might be an option too although the money isn't that great.

His thing is that the stress of being in an environment where layoffs are continually taking place wears you down. You must have noticed tension at your place of business too, so you know what I mean. Even if you do have your job it can be pretty taxing.

It is nervous making; it must be even worse when that many people are being laid off.

Yes, we need more spiders on our pictures.

You could have fishies or pengies instead.

I think I like the spiders.

I like them too; they're surprisingly delightful.

that's you, right? i'm so not showing this to my kids. eldest already posted a pic of a spider mamma and baby he took in Costa Rica on Facebook and tagged me as mamma...

that's you, right?

Not sure what you mean. The picture is of my mother somewhere in France in '47 or '48.

Shh, I told her you were in your seventies.

Only because I am.

ah. so NOT you... thought the hat looked a little dated;)

The other clue, for those in the know, I never wear skirts. Ever.

ah. yes, that would be an important clue:) I sure don't wear as many as i used to since they tend to make me look even larger around the middle than i am..

i've been playing with lil Naraku for a bit :) i can't seem to feed it though!

I know! I was trying to get it to wrap something in webbing for later but no luck.

You can chivvy it, though. It hates that.