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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
More Excitement

This morning I braved a blizzard to take MD to the ER.

She whanged her hand the other night and it still hurt. It looked swollen to me when I finally looked at it so off we went.

Turns out she has a hairline fracture in a metacarpal which somehow requires a splint that encloses her arm from fingertips to elbow.

What a pisser; I couldn't make her shovel the driveway.

Tune: Pilgham tappity tappity

So she'll live, with all her limbs still attached. Could be worse.

Of course it could be. She won't need a plate this time, for one.

But all things considered I' prefer not to be chauffeuring her to more doctor's appointments and PT/OT. Been there, done that.

My hasband had the same kind of fracture and ended up with the same kind of cast.

Was he spinning in his office chair, too?

No, he was competing in a karate tournament

Oh, much more macho than spinning and whacking her hand on per PC.

omg! She can't shovel the driveway? That totally sucks!

What's the point in having offspring, I ask ya?

Yeah, they're totally unreliable...you feed them, house them, buy them toys, put up with their nonsense FOR YEARS and then they come up with these lame-ass excuses for not doing anything useful.

Not to mention the whole giving birth to them thing. *huffs*

There aren't that many perks to start with...

Not just the driveway. Surely, you have found by now, she can't do much of anything!

I did have to brush her hair this morning...

You'll undoubtedly have to help wash it too.

Nah, she managed that on her own.

Good for her!