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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
New Year's Day, Accomplishments of 2008 and Resolutions for 2009

I don't feel I accomplished a lot in 2008.

I did research and present a talk at my company's tech summit on code metrics and analsysis that I think was well received, people wanted my slides and stayed to talk to me after my spiel.

Sunday morning is my quiet time when I'm doing the laundry and both P and MD are upstairs. I had a stroke of genius one morning. Nowadays, a lot of purses have key attachements but they either require a lot of strength or two hands or both. Circled in red is what is supposed to be a pen holder that didn't work very well. It occurred to me that a split ring and a swivel hook and there was my key attacher thingy. Works a treat and only takes one hand.

I had been concerned about MD not starting college in the fall. I was afraid she would lose momentum and never get back to school. There was always the local junior college but... Anyways, so I'm doing the laundry a few weeks after the key thing brainstorm and it suddenly occurs to me that there is a four year accredited university close by where P and I work. As MD wanted to live at home and public transit is not good where we are that was a big plus. This was the very end of March, kind of late to apply but I checked the RU web site and found they were having an open house the following Saturday. MD attended the open house, deemed them acceptable, applied and despite applying so late got a very nice grant.

Haven't accomplished a damn thing since then...

I will GTD®.

Things I will get done:

  • Get my Sun Certified Web Component Developer badge.

  • Finally get my home office excavated

  • Do my PT exercises twice a week

Biggy is the Sun Certification because my development plan at work says I'll do that.


I should be doing the laundry. I may make it into the shouwer and as for resolving to do anything this year? Um, I will plug in the treadmill in my bedroom and maybe use it.

My treadmill died so that is one anchor from around my neck.

Unless you are working tonight, skip the shower. I didn't shower today!

Hey now, you ladies can't skip your showers. What will I watch off the webcam now?

Give yourself a break, the college thing is huge.

Key idea is pretty great too, but from a different perspective. I'm afraid the rest of it is over my head.

Nothing like doing brainless stuff such as the laundry in peace and quiet to give one's brain a boost.

"Nothing like doing brainless stuff such as the laundry in peace and quiet to give one's brain a boost."
Truly. Your hands are busy and your brain is free to roam.

I think in 2009 I'll make more plans. I float too much.

Well, I'm already behind on the PT and it is only the 2nd...