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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Boxing Day 2008

I hope y'all had a happy and safe holiday.

Despite the vasty amounts of snow that fell Tuesday and Wednesday, the roads were clear yesterday when we drove to the in-laws. (According to Tom Skilling, the average snow in the Chicago area by Christmas is 8.9 inches. This year we have had 22.3 inches. I am pretty damn sick of snow, by the by)

MD got the best present evah. She braved the blizzard to see her therapist Wednesday and the upshot is MD has no further regular appointments. She should call if she needs to but right now she doesn't need to.

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Yay for your MD! When you've been organizing your life around medical or therapy appointments, getting to stop is very liberating.

No snow in my part of southern California yesterday, but the rain that was supposed to start the morning of the 24th and end the morning of the 25th was about 12 hours late. Our route to my parents' house takes us pretty close to the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, which meant heavier rain and lots of gusty wind, but no accidents so all was good. My husband was kinda apologizing for not really having anything for me, but it was because he wanted to confirm an item off my wish list before he ordered it--which makes sense. The order is going in today and sometime next month, I'm getting an ayatakedai!!! A WTF? A Japanese braiding loom, for a nice picture go to braidershand dot com and click on ayatakedai, it's the widget in the picture at upper right. I've been coveting one for about a year.

I can see why he wanted to confirm before ordering.

My husband waited until the last minute which meant I got the second most expensive thing on my wish list in lieu of something clever. He's bad at Christmas, too much pressure, but he's good throughout the year at "Oh, I should get that, I think O-7 would like it."

Oh, and that thingy looks very complicated.

How wide is a finished piece if you make it the full width?

Finished pieces are pretty narrow, with 'normal' sized thread bundles/cords, maybe an inch to an inch and a half. Thicker materials, maybe double that.

The various kind of dai were used to make all the strings/cords/lacing on traditional Japanese clothing, lace together armor and wrap and tie boxes, rolled up stuff, etc.

I'm still waiting for a white Christmas here in north Florida...you all could send some our way. I'm headed south tomorrow which makes it even less likely that we'll see any white stuff.

Congrats to MD! She must be very happy! (And no more trips through blizzards!)

She didn't relocate so there will still be blizzards...

I know I'm happy, though. Think of the savings.

We're supposed to have a big melt this weekend though so we also will be snow free. Yay!

i think Tom Skilling makes the weather. That's funny how he always goes on vacation when it's bad.

If you knew the weather was going to be bad wouldn't you leave town?

Did, and am tickled pink to hear MD is doing well.

Is Ben old enough to be Christmas cognizant?

It's even snowing here. You all haven't had much snow in the midwest for quite some time. When I was in Minnesota I got up an hour or two early to shovel out my roomie's car to go to work and thought nothing of it. I don't think I'd feel the same way if I were back there now.

Good for MD! You know, every time I've been 'released' from therapy I thought it might be some sort of trick. You really can come and go as you need to though. :)

Is the snow freaking out your neighbors?

When I have to shovel out the car, I'm just late.

My brother retired from Minneapolis, where they did outdoorsy stuff year round, to Arkansas a couple of years ago. He doesn't miss it at all.

I'd happily move south but Pilgham drags his feet. I might be able to convince him to move to Washington or Oregon, though.

Some parts of Washington get a fair amount of snow, but rain and wind are a lot more likely. How does Pilgham feel about cloudy skies for days at a time?

I don't like winter and he doesn't like summer so I think that's the best compromise we are gonna get.

ummm, how about Portland, Oregon or thereabouts?

Except for the enormous growth, whcih could be a good thing or a bad thing, Wikipedia makes Portland sound pretty darn idyllic.

I don't know about the neighbors, but they probably don't worry enough about driving in bad weather. They think 4-wheel drive can tackle anything including ice. Lucky it didn't seem to stick on the road.

I used to work in a warehouse for a guy who would go pull the timecards of everyone who didn't punch in before 8 a.m. He'd say they quit because they hadn't shown up for work. It paid well and you (used to) rise very quickly from the masses if you were able. I got the job as a joke with a friend. We knew several people he had fired and wondered how long we would last.

7 years and 4 states for me. She didn't show up the next day and was 'quitted'.

I've never been to WA or OR, but they're supposed to be beautiful if you can stand the weather. Used to be not much sun in WA. There is a lot to be said for moving South. The weather these days is horrendous everywhere, but I'd think twice before choosing snow again.

Our snow melted and got washed away just in time for Christmas. Suits me.

I'm with you. Especially with the Driveway of Death.