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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Champagne Tonight!

I got reviewed yesterday which went as usual. Unfortunately, we received an email a month ago saying "no raises this year" and, thus, no raise.

More importantly, the weather and, consequently, the drive are utterly crapulent and yet I made it home safe. And, strangely, I wasn't even one of the crazy drivers.

But I'm a bad wife; I didn't wait for pilgham to get home before I started imbibing.

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Mood: drunkpre-pixilated

[toasts you]

*toasts back*

P did make it home safely, "It was a doddle."

Imbibing what? Hey, celebrate the fact that you've got a job!

You're sure you weren't a crazy driver? *shifty-eyed look*

Mainly celebrating making it home in one piece. I really don't enjoy driving in snow. But I was, against my nature, very conservative, hardly lane changing at all and keeping the pace down. I put my car into '3' to alleviate some of my leadfootedness.

I used to have to drive in the snow...now it's just the rain (when we get it). This time of year I miss the mountains, but then I get reminders (like yours) of how much of a pain it is to drive in the snow.

Yesterday, it was pouring rain in the pitch dark on the way to work and a blizzard on the way home, the worst of both worlds!

Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to convince P we would be happier moved, "I like the seasons."

*face palm*

Just read your title again. So I guess you were imbibing champagne, huh?

*rolls eyes at self*

Not just champagne, but the good stuff.

No raise? I say it was justified.

On the upside, the PBIB (performance based incentive something) was fully funded and since I got a good review, that will be a nice check.

And it's not like I was singled out.

You need a hot toddy with that weather.

Unfortunately, P is in charge of the toddies and since he wasn't home ... well, I had to make do.