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Ouatic-7 [userpic]


Nelson, Nelson, Nelson...

You bring out the trailer trash, psycho stalker chick in me when I didn't even know I had an inner trailer trash, psycho stalker chick!

You taught me a lot about not taking the interwebs seriously. Things like it's really OK to change a meme aimed at 14 year olds so it works for those  of use who are more mature, age-wise anyways. And it's not lying if I use my lying font. Eventually I may even work up to emoticons and LOL.

I just wish you were online more so I could stalk you more. Curse your adorable children!


Psycho, yess.

I'm always the last to know.

You mean Ouatic - WHAT NO! Don't believe her, she's sweet.

Those were kind words and I'm undeserving.

And to have a friend who is willing to go psycho-stalker on me even when I'm boring and absent is saying a lot. Do I get to be the psycho next time though?

Only if you're very, very bad.

You mean like talking back and not giving you money and stuff?

I don't know... if 'the stuff' includes any limbs -- I know you -- I'd rather you keep it.