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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

There was quite the virtual melee at the office.

  1. A emailed my project leader B and I wanting to know why 2 tags were empty in an XML file.

  2. B had no clue what A was talking about but I responded explaining we didn't need all of the provided features and why.

  3. A responds by saying "You can't do that." and bringing in her boss C.

  4. C responds agreeing with A and bringing in her boss D.

  5. D confirms A and C and says it's not supported in this version or the last.

  6. I side email B explaining why we are doing it this way and that I copied from the previous version. I suggest we just fill in some dummy classes to get them off our backs.

  7. B's private response to me is basically, "Fuck that! It works."

  8. B emails A, C, D and brings in his boss E, E's boss F, and muckety muck G asking, fairly civily, why we can't do what we have been doing and has been working and what the alternative is.

  9. D comes back with "On your head be it if it all goes awry."

  10. B comes back with "It's too late to change and it works."

  11. D agrees its too late to change and repeats the "On your head be it if it all goes awry."

  12. F chimes in saying it's all the fault of the department D, C, and A are in for not providing a proper way to implement our usage.

This kept me entertained all afternoon and the upshot was I didn't have to make any changes.

Mary said, "It sounds like Yugioh! I call Boss D!"