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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I'm never good at putting my feelings into words Maybe that's why I like rya_kelley; she writes what I'm trying to say.

Maybe it's that she makes me laugh; somehow my childbirth experience didn't seem that humerous.

I definitely admire her. How many fanfics have I read that I thought about them once they were finished? How many had lines that stuck with me? Not that many. Fanfic is kind of like diet soda, enjoyable on the way down but it doesn't really stay with you. Except when you find a story that does.

It’s alright, their thoughts were exactly the same. It’s alright if this is a trap, if you kill me. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t trust you. -- Anatomy of a Betrayal

I'm really looking forward to the non-fanfic I'm expecting to be able to buy shortly.

And how the heck does she find time to write anyways, with two little kids?

Or, maybe I just like her because she was sweet enough to send MD a CD during MD's hospital stay last year.


Aw, you didn't have to do that. ^_^

I write while the kids are at school or after I send them to bed. If Mick's not home, which is when it's his turn for the computer. Item #1 on things I will buy when I get published is a laptop that ees onlee fer meeee.

You have to share a computer! You poor thing, it is a wonder you get anything done!

One day, O, one day. I will buy myself that laptop. In fact, I won't let Mick get me a laptop because I am determined to buy it for myself.

She does write some very cool stuff and I want to be buying a book soon as well!

That was so sweet of her to send MD a get-well gift. Or, maybe...she was trying to buy your love and steal your affections from me. *jealous*

I'm sure it was the affection stealing thing.

Total affection stealing.

Admirably sneaky!