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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Zeno Day

In fact it's been a Zeno week.

Current Location: in the good chair
Mood: tiredtired

I'd try to click (again), but each time I click on your or inusaga's links, it shuts my browser down. Are you two conspiring?

I think it might be your anti-virus or security settings. I still owe you an email with my photobucket password. I'm sorry, I forgot until just now. :(

* whistles innocently*

This is why you make the big bucks.

I've heard something like this before, but it wasn't called Zeno's Paradox(es). Maybe it was some concept of quantum physics. Interesting, but far over my head.

I wonder if you are reading to much into the link. I just mean a day that never seems to end. and the week is the same.

I knew I could coax it out of you. I'm having a week like that myself. Hope yours improves; we're at least getting closer to the weekend.