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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Another Japanese Skit

The kids in my Japanese class seem nice enough, but, with the exception of Mary, they're boring.

One day we came in and all of the desks were facing what is normally the back of the room. There was a blackboard on that side, too. Makita Sensei was prepared to lead the class from that side but this lot of conservatives had to turn the desks back to the "right" way around.

Our first skit was supposed to include greetings and introductions. I suggested introducing a significant other to the parent for the first time. For whatever reason (they apparently didn't want to pretend a romantic attachement for 3 minutes) we just did bringing a friend home for the first time. Whatever.

This skit is supposed to include locations, times, adjectives, and verbs, some negative. I immediately suggested invasion planning. Then the cow-like looks from my partners and my own second thoughts had me scale it back to security for a dignitary or a band. We're being tourists. One can't have one's own way all the time and I understand that but, according to Mary, at least one other team are also tourists. I do get to be the annoying negative one, however. The one that doesn't want to do what the rest want to do. My big line is (if you have the proper stuff you should see hiragana and katakana otherwise it will be crap) :

わたしは さかなを たべたくありません。 メキシコりょうりを たべたいです。
(I don’t want to eat seafood. I would like Mexican food.)

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