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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Write or Die!

Saw this on Lifehacker: Write or Die 2.0

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I could only take the screaming for a few seconds - arrrg.

I believe there is a Rick Astley option.

I just tried it; I got beginning violin. Thank heaven MD doesn't play like that any more.

That's funny. I was trying to figure out the consequences and Rachel got up. She was peering over my shoulder when I stopped typing and we both leaned towards the monitor, waiting to see what happens. I had my speaker up too high...

She's doing the namowrimo, but she started late. She might want to play with this, as she has a bad case of writer's block. Oooh. I see there is a screaming option. We were using the lesser Rick Astley mode. Still alarming.

Is Rachel doing an original fic? Or fan fic?

She's doing an original fic. It's kind of based on a manga in her mind. :)

More power to her!

I told her you said that and she says, "Yay!"