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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Rearranging the Deck Chairs

Haven't done anything particularly interesting of late, though MD and I voted Tuesday; it was her first time.

I've been wasting time playing with skins for my PCs (Asmodeus, Aniki and my work box). I don't have the technical knowhow, or artistic ability, to make an XP theme but I have been downloading them from the interwebs. About all I know how to do is change the wallpaper. (OK, I can change the colors on the menu bars and stuff but it never looks good when I do...)

Putting in a non-MS sanctioned theme requires patching the OS whch I couldn't do at work so I was just horsing around with FireFox skins and I found one I really, really, liked. Then I found that it was also available for T-Bird and XP so that's what I have on Asmodeus, except I found my wallpaper at the rainbow vomiting panda.

Once I got my boxes all purty I started diddling around with Samurize which lets you embed stuff in your Windows desktop. Here's my current config on Aniki:

In place on my desktop:

Clearly, still a work in progress but I'm pretty happy with my blue balls. The one at the top left is an analog clock and the one at the lower right monitors my processors and tells me how hard they are working, from doing nada on the left to full on at the right. Those needles are twitchy little buggers.

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Finding happiness in blue balls definitely makes life easier.

Words to live by.

Those *are* nice. The blue balls do look tricky though. I always used Windowblinds on my XP, but then there's a subscription charge for unlimited access. They do have free downloads for bootscreens, logons, cursors, wallpaper, and skins. There are others, but I'm not sure what they are so I didn't use them. They also have skinning programs so you can make your own. I can't use any of them on my Ubuntu so I've just been going without.

Didn't occur to me to look elsewhere but then I didn't think I'd be sticking with Linux either. Maybe it's time to settle in. I really miss my bootscreen. I did another system recovery on my Windows hard drive but it didn't auto connect to the Internet. I've only got a 3 hour window for unlimited downloads but it's during the wee hours before dawn; I'm not at my best so I haven't gotten much done on it.

Once that system connects it updates for hours. If I have to interrupt or do them in the wrong order the system locks up and I'm back where I started. I'm thinking of waiting for Window IV or whatever they're calling it.

I've always wanted to learn how to skin but I'm too skeered. I like what you've done and I really like the Firefox skin you found; the One Piece wallpaper is also pretty cool.

The OP wallpaper comes from DeviantArt. Surprisingly, at least to me, they have a lot of skins and stuff.

I don't know anything about WindowBlinds other than it was something that I would have had to pay for and I didn't care that much... DeviantArt has WindowBlinds skins but also non-WB skins and configs for Samurize. There are Linux things too:


but I don't know how applicable they are for you.

OMG! I love you. This is so neat! Your other links need second looks too.

I started WindowBlinds around 4-5 years ago and got all Rain Man over the graphics I used. You're right. I had to pay for upgrades and they were few and far between at first-some were free, but lately it seems like they're upgrading every 4 months.

I haven't bothered since I can't keep Pro running...I knew DA had WindowBlinds skins there, but I would never have thought to look for Linux, thank you! I'm bored out of my mind with what I have now.