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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
You Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief; It's the End of Dubuque

So... did the reunion thing last night...

It's very embarassing when people come up to me and go, "Hey, Ouatic-7, how are you?" and even when I read their nametags (not easy, they should have been in 72pt instead of 18), I haven't the faintest idea who they are. And a gratifying number of people did greet me and many of them I did remember. pilgham, who I dragged along just to make sure there was at least one person there for me to talk to, was astonished at the number of names I pulled out of my ass. If he goes to his next year, he's thinking he won't remember anybody.

Anyways, it was a pleasant time but not pleasant enough  to make us stay more than a couple of hours, too many people and too much noise and too long a wait for drinks.

pilgham made me take a picture of this silo through his bug spattered wind shield.

Instead of coming straight back, we jogged down the Iowa side of the Mississippi. We had planned to cross at Clinton but there was a camper so, impatiently, we crossed at Sabula instead. I don't think the Mississippi is at it's widest here, but I think the crossing must be one of the longest.

Driving across the Mississippi at Sabula. We saw a lot of these herons or cranes by the road.

The purpose in going south, besides putting a little variety in the drive, was to visit Albany Mounds. This is one.

There's not a lot of there, there. Though it could just have been that it was hot and muggy and so far we had actually made progress away from home.

There's a car park, a trail, and educational sign boards. It was just too hot to walk down to the bulk of the mounds.

This is the tourist center in Rochelle, Illinois. It was originally a 1918 Standard station. Unfortunately, they were apparently not expecting tourists on a Sunday afternoon of a three-day weekend.

pilgham is walking on the Lincoln Highway. This is two blocks from the Standard Oil tourist center.

For some reason, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, or whomever is in charge of these things, felt Emily Post would make a good commemorative marker.

I know nothing. It was just purty.

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Too hot and muggy in Iowa. I don't know... I'm the same in that I always forget a face (or name). I always worry that I'll forget an important face, like somone who's done me wrong.

(And, Happy Birthday!)

Oh, people who done me wrong? I 've got a long memory for those guys. And a list.


The pilgham pictures are the best. "Behold, a grassy gnoll."

It's not just any grassy knowll, it's a mound. Thus the explanatory signboard.

Edited at 2008-10-27 12:28 pm (UTC)

Knoll! Not gnoll! Damned D&D, screwing up my inner dictionary!

Ahem. Anyway, same difference. In fact, I like knoll better than mound. From henceforth, I shall incorporate knoll into my regular vocabulary along with kerblaminese . . . which I have yet to use in conversation, darn it all.

I'd like to hear you use both in the same sentence.

Come stand on this knoll with me so I can show that fool how fluent I am in Kerblaminese.

Very Mr T.

Well, I try.

Happy birthday. And that was either interesting or dull. I am not sure which. I will say, however, that mounds look suspiciously like overgrown heaps of dirt.

Thank you!

There's a good reason for that. I imagine there's stuff in there besides dirt but they're mostly dirt. We didn't stay long.

My dad would be all over the gas station and the restored classic car.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Thank's much!

What, P's going to start going to high school reunions?!?! I went to our 20th and the only people I recognized right away were the three who looked exactly the same (well, Paul H had a little less hair maybe). It was very weird.

Are you going to watch Grosse Pointe Blank now?

P hasn't actually definitely said he's going but he did seem more interested than at any prior point in the time that I've known him. If you go, that will make one person he remembers. P is ure he won't remember any.

I watch Grosse Pointe Blank once a year whether I need it or no.

There were some people who looked exactly as I remembered, perhaps a little blurred, some I could guess and some did not look at all the same.

Edited at 2008-10-28 10:58 pm (UTC)

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks and sounds as if the reunion was fun; the trip there looks like it was fun as well. The pic spams were beautiful. I haven't seen koi that large in years.

I'm glad you had a good time.

Thanks much! The trip was very relaxing aside from that jacuzzi thing.