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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
A Big, Muddy Funicular (Pic Spam)

pilgham saw this bike out the front doors of the motel. He thought it was someone's lovingly restored WW II era baby. On getting up close enough for pictures I discovered it was a Ural. It is a Russian make but it was disappointing to find you can buy them all over the states. However, Ural is one of the few remaining manufacturers of sidecar bikes.

Fourth Street Elevator.
Riding the Fourth Street Elevator was the reason we went to Dubuque. $2.00 well spent; I've decided to collect funiculars!

The inside of the car is steps. I'm on the top step. P is at the bottom and Fourth Street is way below.

Just passed the other car.

Nifty as the elevator was, it took less than an hour to do it pretty thoroughly so after we went to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. It's not really much of an aquarium but they do have old boats you can tour.

One of them, the William M. Black, is a sort of B & B. I looked into it before we went but the lack of internet was a deal breaker for me.

The Black is a river dredge that went into service in 1934. Here's the laundry room...

The kitchen...

One of the B & B rooms, I presume.

Pilot house and P.

The museum also offers river tours that are supposed to be educational and stuff. We took one. Maybe it was because I was sitting over the engines but I didn't get much out of it education-wise. However, it was a gorgeous day to be on the river so totally worth it.

Julien Dubuque's grave site (the tower on the bluff).

Saturday afternoon but still quite a few tows on the river.

Another barge.

The Dubuque river front. The nearest buikding is the new conference center. Then comes a red brick building that was originally a brewery circa 1898. Lastly, the square tower is the shot tower, circa 1856. I enjoy the mismatched architecture.

Here's another from montreal:

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Dig the mismatched architecture too. You seem to get a lot out of a place when you travel - a good thing, very thorough. Me too, or try to. The elevator was nifty but I think it would inspire me to cover my eyes just like when I do when I ride the ferris wheel.

You seem to get a lot out of a place when you travel

I don't even know what that means. I'm flattered, I guess.

They've been running the elevator for years without significant problems. The funicular in LA now...

How about, you sure do look at lots of stuff when you travel.

Funiculars are obviously death traps, no wonder Pilgam looked wide eyed in the photo.

We never even made it to the Shot Tower and it's one of the last in the country...

You'll just have to go back then.

I love your husband's expression in that one picture. He looks so less than impressed.

He didn't want me taking a picture of him but being sans child he had to fill in for MD.

Did MD enjoy being home alone?

I think so. Sometimes it's nice to have the place to yourself.

I was impressed; she managed to remember the chores I assigned as I was walking out the door.

wow, but that could mean she did those since she felt guilty for something!

Great pictures! I love Dubuque. It's been so long since I went there. Looks like you had fun. =)

It was very relaxing and we enjoyed the stuff we did see.

Bwah... whut? Montreal, Iowa? SRSLY? I knew about Vancouver, WA, but not that Montreal, QC also had an American namesake. Cool!

If you liked that funicular, then you must experience the Hell's Gate airtram when you come out this way. I only left a couple grooves in the safety railing on our trip.

*ignores Feni's making-a-joke voice*

Actually, that was Montreal Quebec. I had to go up there on business at the beginning of August.

As for Hell's Gate and Vancouver island, P just signed on so it's a done deal.

You should plan it around my trip. I'd like to go during the 2010 olympics.

Seeing you ... check
Being in Vancouver an environs in February instead of Chicago ... check
Being in an Olympic city during the Olympics ... What? Are you nuts?

Agreed. We're only a couple of hours away, and we're watching it on television!

I... didn't realize that the pic really was vive-le-canadien-Montreal; I thought you'd actually swung by the US city of the same name, which is also located on the Mississippi... which I just discovered existed!

Awesome! *does a little happy dance* No funiculars on Vancouver Island; we do, however, have a local adrenaline park where they stage an annual bungee-in-the-buff event. No charge for the intrepid, but they ding the spectators for charitable donations.