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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
News @ 6:30

Evening marred by unfortunate jacuzzi incident.

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just tell me it isn't a drowning.... that would be bad. everything else is probably just wet, right?

No drownings, lots of wet.

yay for wet! there's usually a good story somewhere down the road at least.

So you splashed lots of water on the floor doing the nasty - what, you have to run to post that on LJ? Oh wait, no that's what I'd do.

If only...

Evening marred by unfortunate jacuzzi incident.

I must ask for details.

I had fantasies of sipping champagne while basking in the jacuzzi. At least the champagne came off all right.

I started filling the tub and when the nozzles were under water I pressed a button that I thought would start stuff. It did, but the spout at my back was shooting a column of water into the air and against the wall for a couple minutes. I plainly had already had too much champagne (two sips) because I ran more water and tried again and had more geysering which I couldn't figure out how to shut off other than by draining the tub.

By this time there was like an inch of water on the floor and a call to the front desk was required.

That was not how I had envisioned the evening going.

*mops up snorted tea*

Hrm. I'll bet the front desk wondered if this was a ploy to lure the handsome bellhop up to your room, where you awaited in a French negligee and a bottle of champagne.

That may be why they sent a spherical maid instead.

You have to wait for the tub to fill up all the way before you turn the jets on. *has been in a lot of jacuzzis* But, at least you'll know that for next time.

And make sure that none of the nozzles have come out.

aha. I hadn't read this. It sounds so very unpleasant.

There was no fall out from the hotel, so it was really more humorous than anything else but P had to put his pants back on while the maids were mopping.

That would stop me from ever jacuzzi-ing again.

It certainly stopped me from jacuzzi-ing after the maids cleaned up the water!