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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
En Route to Dubuque: Anderson Gardens (Pic Spam)

Couldn't have had a prettier fall day when we set off for Dubuque yesterday; we being pilgham and I. MD stayed home to look after Evil and Boo and be out from under parental thumb.

On the way we stopped in Rockford at the Anderson Gardens. Though the leaves were just starting to change, it was well worth the visit.

When you pay your admission, there is an opportunity to purchase koi kibble whcih we did. It turns out ducks also like koi kibble.

No good pictures of pilgham; he was recalcitrant about posing.

Close-up of the koi and  a duck for scale.

"Whimsical" tanuki.

We ate in the restaurant after and there were two tables, may be 20 all told, of little old ladies in purple outfits with red hats.

We stopped at a BP outside Galena to refuel. This is the champagne section. P said the beer selection was also extensive.

Mississippi from the bridge.

The bridge.

Port of Dubuque.

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Mississippi River? Are you sure it isn't Dubuque you're talking about?

I don't know why "Dubuque" is giving me so much grief, probably my demon hand.

Nice way to blow an afternoon. Tell Philgam Happy Birthday for me tomorrow.

You should have joined us.

P says thanks.

the fish would have killed and eaten me.

They were quite sizeable and aggressive.

I would have taken some awesome pictures of your demise, though.

Wow, that place is lovely! We've got some of those red hatters around here.

It was pretty darn cool.

I'd forgotten how pretty it is when the leaves change. Oh well. I don't miss the cold.

Cold is the downside of autumn but fortunately we didn't have any of that this weekend.

What a beautiful Japanese garden! I love those fall colors. There is a great place in south Florida called Morikami Gardens, but as there isn't much autumn to be had that far south, I doubt they get much color.

There are koi there too, but I don't remember such large specimens. Those ducks better watch out.

For some reason, T-Bird was pitting my LJ comments in Junk. Sorry for the delay.

If we are ever in Del Ray we will take a look in. The Morikami site linked itself to a site listing the top 25 Japanese gardens in NA:


The Chicago Botanic Garden doesn't even crack the top 25 (It has a sweet English walled garden, though).