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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Fight Scene No Pushover

Spent the day working on Whose Soul Is It, Anyway instead of studying for my Japanese final. I got to the big fight scene which gave me enormous difficulties. I got a basic flow in and a line I'm pretty happy with but I feel I've made the antagonist too much of a pushover. I tell myself I'll fix it in revision. Then, of course, Paul gets the fun of reading the thing for the umpteenth time.

I've got some smaller fights in there, which I think are fine, but they involved fewer characters. The problem is I have a bunch of folks standing around twiddling their thumbs.

36 pages and its only 8000 words. How do people do those epics? Drabbles are a lot less trouble. If I could think of another chapter for Mrs. Higurashi Has Big News on a par with the first two, I would write it. Or I could get started on The Other Dark Tournament.

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If you really want to do an epic, put your characters in a really, really complicated setup, give yourself leeway to do pretty much whatever the hell you want with them, and then have fun with it. Works for me, anyway. X''D

Thanks for the advice. I think one of the problems is I am an engineer so my thinking is pretty straight forward.

Also, I took one fic down because I was never working on it so, to do an epic I'd have to write the whole darn thing before I ever started posting. Otherwise it would end up one of those dead fics like Present Time.