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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yeah, I have Been Around

Noko had this quiz a  while back. I put it off because I needed to refer to Amtrak route info... They did say it counted if you just drove through so I think riding the rails though counts, too! And I did pick up Delaware (clipped by the Acela Express) , Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota (all Empire Builder).

Hard Core Traveler

74% Explored!

You've wandered most of the states, probably covered the whole continent at one point or another (possibly even multiple times). You've got a lot of stories to tell and can probably spin some wild tales about how you saw the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota... or how you've driven from one end of the Historic Route 66 to the other.

Take How Much of the United States Have You Been To? at HelloQuizzy

So, I found the output sort of disappointing. I was expecting a fancy map like this:

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

Granted, it doesn't list the territories or have a catchy personal description, but it is worth a thousand words.

I remembered these maps from a year or two ago but I had no idea what site so, since I always use the same user name, I Googled myself. Did not find the map thingy but I did find some anomalous links:



These explain why even though the best that can be said of my photography is I take mucho pictures and don't post all of them, my Edinburgh and community solar system are unusually popular.

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At that rate how did you manage to miss the states you did? Trough the magic of air travel?

I've only been to Florida once, on my first business trip and, yeah, I flew.

Not sure if I can really count Maine; I just drove across the bridge at Portsmouth, did a U-y (sp?) and came back.

Threatened by a moose?

Just wanted another notch on the old steering wheel.

Note: Hertz was not at all happy about that.

If I did that map, only Washington State and Oregon would be coloured. It's kind of a sad commentary on my travel priorities that I've covered more of Western Europe than either my own country or the US.

They also have Canadian provinces (I only have 3) and europe and the world. The last two would be pretty empty.

We were going to Alberta and BC last summer to ride trains and look at dinosaurs and see the Edmonton Mall but it never happened. Sigh.

*giggle* We were also supposed to cross the border into Alberta, so that the spawn could finally claim to have left the province, but took a left turn instead and stayed on our side of the Rockies.

Maybe next year?

Poor sprogs! Have they at least been to the US?

Nope. That was also considered as a side-trip (cross the border at Christina Lake, drive through the Roosevelt wilderness reserve in northern Washington State and then pop back into Canada in Osoyoos) and we even bought the extra insurance just in case, but deadlines were looming.

If you manage to make it to BC next summer, you must come stay with us if Vancouver Island is on the itinerary.

*Notes down memorandum*

Actually, one of the things we wanted to do was take the ferry from Prince Rupert to Vancouver Island but we were discouraged by how late it gets in. Driving in a strange area, looking for lodgings, past our bedtime not a fun thing.

However, I just looked at the ferry route on the map and it does look way scenic.

Ooh, yeah, that ferry gets in hella late no matter which end you sail from (Port Hardy or Prince Rupert). At least both docks are almost right downtown in both towns, so it's relatively easy to find lodgings quickly. In Rupert I recommend the Crest Hotel (it's part of the Coast Hotel group and verra classy; if you'll be there long, paying the extra for an ocean-view room is worth it because it is right on the water), while in Port Hardy, I've heard that the Glen Lyon Inn is nice.

The ferry route is incredibly scenic, though, and much cheaper than the cruise ship rates for sailing the same route! From my house to the ferry terminal in Port Hardy is approximately a four-hour drive. However, you can't really get lost, because there's only one highway!

For some reason, T_Bird has been sending LJ comments to Junk so I just now saw this...

I bet the thing to do is just cab it from the ferry and rent a car in the morning at the Port Hardy end. I bet that makes the ferry much cheaper, too!

Thanks for the tips!

You intend to take the train from Edmonton through the Rockies and across BC to Prince Rupert, right? The Spring/Summer Inside Passage day trip option leaves Rupert at 7:30 am and arrives in Hardy at 10:30 pm, which isn't too bad, so long as you don't intend to drive from Hardy afterwards. That road is only two lanes, twisty and pitch black for the first three hours of the four hour drive.

This is the official BC Ferries site/page for travel, booking and fare info for the Inside Passage. You want the top two links on the right-hand side of the page.

you HAVE been around. Time to go to S Dakota I see.....

Or the south...

Winter is probably nicer in Georgia than S.D.

just make sure you go in Winter and not Summer. bleagh.