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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
No Alcohol! What's Up With That?

My glasses (the ones in the piccy) broke over Labor Day weekend so I promptly, that same day, ordered new ones. Two to three weeks they tell me. Finally, I called them yesterday, "Oh, yeah, they're ready."

So I went to pick them up. I noticed a note, "Call attn no alcohol," or something like that whcih I asked about.  The girl reads gthe note and says, "Yes! Don't clean these with alcohol!"

I pull out of the parking lot and comment to MD, "These are a bit loose. I need to get them tightened," and shoved them up my nose. The frame cracked across the top and a lens fell out!

Pulled back into the parking lot and MD dug the lens from under her seat (Bonus! She also found a Best Buy gift card!) and went back to the store.  This is the part that astounds me, maybe I have matured, I explained without any acid what had happened.

The original clerk was reamed out for cleaning my glasses with alcohol -- evidently the plastic in the frames is suceptible to it which, if I had known, would have caused me to pick different frames. I tell you, I will be very careful about what I use to clean them, now!

Anyways, they found matching frames, popped the lenses in and, after tightening them a bit, I was good to go.

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Tune: a vornado

W00t! Three cheers for unexpected Best Buy gift cards! 'Tis the definition of joy in suffering.

I dimly remember MD losing one in the car and since she found it ...

That's sort like buying shirt that looks lovely but can never be cleaned. One would think they would have mentioned a major material flaw like that before selling them to you. Very mature for not snarling.

Well, I have some little foil packets on order that claim to be alcohol free to replace my Bausch and Lomb foil packets so I should be able to clean them eventually.

Just be careful not to have a "drinking problem" when you wear them!

Note to self: Remove glasses before binging!

Edited at 2008-09-25 10:38 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I have trouble spelling bingeing, too. (All three of your replies came through).

*blinks water out of eyes after taking a drink*

Lose your glasses, lose your cool - you had a close call.

Yeah, I lost my street cred for 3 whole weeks. Cabbies wouldn't stop for me and maitre d's gave me tables near the kitchen.