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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My 'Ship Has Sailed!

Last night we had an orgy (MD prefers 'binge' because 'orgy'? With her parents? Ewwww!) of Avatar. We watched the last six episodes of season 3.

pilgham wants to know when season 4 is. I tell him there is no air tribe so no 'air' season despite the loose ends. He rants but it's just the withdrawal.

I want season 4 too; I want more Avatary goodness and I want my 'ships. After all, Aang is just a kid and what about Toph?

(Despite being way behind the times, I was trying to avoid spoilers thus the vaguity.)

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There's still the movies to look forward to.

P thinks that will just be a retelling of the 3 seasons.

Well . . . yeah. But, it's something to look forward to. Who will they get to play the characters? could Dante Brasco revise his role as Zuko in the live action movies? How will Shamaylan(sp?) screw it up? You know, that sort of thing.

I know...

It starts with Aang boarding one of those earth-bender driven trains and there's an accident, only he survives because he's an air bender secretly. He's stalked by a crazy, disfigured Zuko who reveals that he's the enemy of the avatar and that Aang is an air bender because he's an avatar. Aang is shocked and decides to run away; he breaks out of the walls of Ba Sing Se and is further shocked by the fact that he's really living in the 20th century and the fire nation is a terrorist force working with the their allies, the plant kingdom, to destroy mankind. And he sees fangirls. Only they don't realize they're fangirls. They dress in cosplay and everything.

Just so Bruce Willis doesn't play the young Aang.

Now a mature Aang? That could be an interesting take.

Edited at 2008-09-20 07:56 pm (UTC)

What ethnicity do you think should portray each nation?

I'm unsure. Shot in the dark? I think Eskimo types when I think Water, Asian for Air, Black/Latino for Earth, White for Fire nation?

This is not the best taped version but here you go for ships and season 4


Hey! That just went back to the way the season ended!

I've always liked Zuko/Kitara and Sokka/Toph. So far I've missed the last Season 3 episodes out on dvd. It's never at Blockbuster when I go to look. I did see the movie, but at that point I'd missed all of Season 3. Our Nick channel doesn't take to being recorded. *shakes fist*

I liked Avatar far more than I expected.

My only real ship is Zutara but Sokka/Toph could work; they are both made of awesome. Might be too many wise crackers, though.

True. I was a little disappointed with the ships at the end. Very convenient as far as driving the plot forward, but where was the magic?


I don't really know about Maiko; we saw them interact so little that both P and I assumed until Boiling Rock that Azula had told Mai to be Zuko's girl.

I was mad that, after all the buildup, Katara ended up with Aang. I'm Zutara all the way. BTW, you can access all the episodes at http://avatarchapters.org/

Just in case you want to look at them again. ~_*

We waited for the DVDs but thanks.

I just didn't see any chemistry between Aang and Katara. She was too mother-y.

So maybe it's an Oedipus complex? That would at least make it more interesting...why did Avatar/Harry Potter end up going for the easy instead of the more complex and interesting? *holds hand to head theatrically* I'm so deprived!

I got the DVDs for my daughter for a Christmas gift...have to hide them for several months so I watched the final episode on that site (missed it in real time). Funny, but my son was with me and in spite of his "I'm too manly for Avatar" attitude wanted to watch one of them while she was at a friend's house. No, I think not.

*crosses fingers* But hopefully I dropped enough hints that he'll suggest the Inuyasha DVDs to others for MY Christmas present.

You'd think your family had that whole Inuyasha DVDs thing down by now.

*massive pout*

They think I'm nuts and try to ignore my 'little problem'. "Why would a college science professor become fascinated with this strange Japanese anime and want to write fantasy/romance? Must be some sort of mid-life crisis."



I didn't watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any of it? Or just the climax?

I gave Avatar a shot after Inusaga recced it a while back and we all (P, MD and I) got sucked in.

I think you probably had other things on your mind.

Edited at 2008-09-21 09:14 pm (UTC)

You could be right there. I missed the bus.

Me too. Plus, I keep forgetting to send you that musical.

And I keep forgetting what it was.

How are the kids?

Reefer Madness the Musical

Anna's in kindergarten and cheerleading and Ben's answer to everything is No!