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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Help! Please

(Another post? I have 6 months to make up for!)

My 30th HS reunion is next month. For some reason, I am going. In the meantime, there is a site set up to put up your biography and see what other's have been doing since HS.

It's the biography I'd like help with. The standard form seems to be to talk about how you knocked around the world (in glamorous places), met your soul mate, settled down, and had marvelous children. There should be something about being older and wiser and something about looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone. The resume section is optional.

This is what I have so far:

Pretty much the usual, went to university, met a guy (Pilgham), eventually got married and had a kid (MD).

I was self-employed for 10 years. I finally had to quit when I became so under-employed that I knew I had to either start doing housework or get a real job. I got a job.

My current hobby is anime. Ask me about One Piece!

I nearly forgot the obligatory bragging about my brat! MD is smart, funny and a talented violinist. Her HS commencement speaker mentioned MD in her address but not by name because the statute of limitations had not yet expired.

Suggestions and concrit much appreciated.

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I like it as it. Short, to the point, but still reflects your humor.

You don't think I need an "older and wiser" statement? Not that I am necessarily wiser but I got the older.

Nah. That's overdone. Anyone who gets older gets wiser if they do it right. Why state the obvious? Besides, you can buck the trend. You know how much I like that sort of thing.

i always found out to give two answers best. One is the truth and the other is the story everyone wants to hear.
In other words a very juicy lie to go with the truth
say something like...since high school, i have been preparing for the arrival of the Green Lantern Corp. They will crush evil and make the world better for the rightous. All Hail the Guardians!!!
Of course make it more believable than that

How 'bout "Next year, my plan to bring about world peace by uniting all current governments as figureheads under myself goes into effect?"

all hail ouatic7, supreme blah blahblah blah
sounds good

I like it as it is; particularly the statute of limitations part.

I've never been tempted to do the HS reunion thing due to the whole drug-addled whore thing.

You were a drug addicted addled whore? Wasn't everybody

I was too much of a goody-goody for the drug addling part.

addicted? no. not ever.

Everyone may have been, but I think I was the one classmates told themselves they weren't as bad as. How's that for a sentence? XD

I didn't get started on the whoring around until I was in college. But wouldn't that make you more popular? At least among a certain segment?

I don't know about popular, I'm sure there must be a more accurate descriptor...like oblivious?

I have it on good authority those who remember me think I'm dead. I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.

I thought the whole point of reunions was too show everyone how you turned out better than they ever expected? At least that's what I get from the movies.

But you grew up in Minnesota, right? Or somewhere like that? I wouldn't be going if it was more than a drive across town.

I did grow up in Minnesota. Much easier to avoid the classmates and reunions out here in the desert.

You make a good point; I suppose it would have been nice to show up when I was working in the music business. Might even have been worth a flight when I was living in in NY or LA.

Why would you...Hell if you're going to find me at one.

I take it you don't want to actually tell them anything as the sample offered is so self-effacing as to be mysterious. Outside of the comment on One Piece, you could well have spent the entirety of your days managing a small town laudromat.

I don't think I would travel for it but the reunion is just across town at a restaurant that's supposed to be pretty good. I've conned P into coming with me so worst case I have a nice dinner with my husband and get plenty of snarking material out of it.

Actually, the One Piece reference does not preclude laundromat management. I don't mind tooting my own horn a little but, while I enjoy my work, I think my job is kind of mundane.

Soo, you don't want to tell them?

I want to tell them if I can make software engineer sound exotic without sounding like I'm bragging.

I've been spending my time engineering software for a company that facilitates the spitting out of widgets. That's not bragging, that's a job description. Exotic too.

Edited at 2008-09-16 04:10 am (UTC)

You could mention the alien abduction thing. Or, have you won any awards? I'm looking to win a pie-eating contest by my 20th reunion so that I mention that.

I've got that award from jaken_smut! I could link to the banner!

Boy, your reunion committee is... really organized. o.O I suspect ours would only ask for a write-up like this to see if there were Canada-wide warrants out on any of the attendees!

I like the write-up the way it is; it sounds very much like you. The anime line ought to be a real ice-breaker.

I don't know that they are all that organized. There is a site that does this stuff, classreport.org; they are just using the provided tools.

With a class of close to a thousand, there probably are some warrants out but probably not in Canada.

Well, we'll see. My bio is featured today.