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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The True Story

Yes, it's true. I was kidnapped by aliens. I was returned right away but I must have been under their thrall or something 'cuz I was forced to do their bidding and be their little guinea pig.

They tried to  break my mind by forcing me to read smut, the same smut over and over (I need some recs!).

They tried to break my body by infesting me with alien organisms (maybe that's how they controlled my mind?) carrying out strange experiments like making me stand on one leg on a tippy thing and tying me to poles with giant rubber bands.

All the while I was forced to pretend all was normal. You'd think alien abduction would be good for at least a little time off from work but no.

I think I am free now.

I did her hair and I think it came out pretty well seeing as she asked me to do it after the last minute.

Mood: distressedtomorrow's Monday
Tune: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - [This Beautiful Life #07] What's Next

The whole bottom half of her face is you. Position your browser so your b/w icon at the top is only showing the part of your face below your sunglasses. In my browser MD's frontal picture is visible.

Hold your hand (or use something) to conceal her face from the eyes up. She looks like you!

Possibly, never having seen P, she looks more like him, but to me, she looks very much like you. Maybe in rl she has more of his mannerisms than yours and that affects her appearance.

MD looks like both of them and sounds like O7 (or at least as MD sounds on tinny speakers from LJ posts).

That must be why I only see the O-7 in her. I probably wouldn't notice at all if I knew MD's dad.

(I would have responded sooner, but I've been pretty sick)

I hope you're feeling better.

Thanks, I feel worse, but not as tired...so yay!

Our voices are commonly confused on the phone.

LJ never sent me this!

That happens to me sometimes too. I won't know unless I go on LJ and check. I think my spam filter just gets all creative every so often.