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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The True Story

Yes, it's true. I was kidnapped by aliens. I was returned right away but I must have been under their thrall or something 'cuz I was forced to do their bidding and be their little guinea pig.

They tried to  break my mind by forcing me to read smut, the same smut over and over (I need some recs!).

They tried to break my body by infesting me with alien organisms (maybe that's how they controlled my mind?) carrying out strange experiments like making me stand on one leg on a tippy thing and tying me to poles with giant rubber bands.

All the while I was forced to pretend all was normal. You'd think alien abduction would be good for at least a little time off from work but no.

I think I am free now.

I did her hair and I think it came out pretty well seeing as she asked me to do it after the last minute.

Mood: distressedtomorrow's Monday
Tune: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - [This Beautiful Life #07] What's Next

Her hair did come out nicely. She looks so grown up; I think she was much younger in the last pic I saw. Very pretty. She looks like she's having fun. :)

I hate that test with the tippy thing.

I wish I had some recs. I've been reading manga and driving Rachel around for the last few months.

I actually like the tippy thing.

Regarding MD looking grown up, I think it's just seeing her out of jeans and a t-shirt.

I've been doing a lot of that driving thing myself. Curse those aliens!

MD looks lovely. Best of luck to her!

Aliens, huh? I find that hard to believe. If they were really aliens, they would have had the power to procure some new smut for you. Or they would have broken you by forcing you to read Truckstop Sushi finalists.

I think MD is doing well.

At least the aliens didn't make me read Celebrian. That would have been cruel.

How's she been feeling?

She seems pretty upbeat nowadays.

I was listening to the same exact song from the same CD at the time you posted.
BTW...did the aliens mention if Elvis is coming back

Song? CD?

I hated that rubber band test, too!

Your girl looks so growed up and beautiful; love the colour of her gown! There must be a story behind that necklace; it looks like one that belonged to my great-aunt.

Glad to see you back in the 'hood.

MD and I went to buy a dress with no success as it was kind of the last minute, only a couple of weeks before prom so a girl from school took her out and they found the dress. I inherited the necklace from my mother.

Good to be back!

I love the color - just lovely. MD makes it lovely, of course.

Organisms? Like the ones found in chocolate and cheesecake. Must be happening to me too.

If only the organisms were as benign as chocolate thingies.

Md did get good genes, didn't she? They came from her Dad.

What rubberband test? MD looks perfectly presentable and what kind of smut, where?

The one I was talking about was where they make you stand with one leg through a tethered rubber band and you have to stretch the band every which way. The aliens tell you that it will strengthen you but it's really another one of their sadistic games.

The usual kind of smut, lots of IY and FMP.

You're baaaaack!!! I was wondering where you were!

And grats to MD! I love her dress (as much of it as I can see, anyway :P )

Thank you much!

MD picked out and bought the dress herself so all kudos or blame go to her.