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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
You Have a Funny Name!

[Via Lifehacker]

Two nifty web toys relating to names:

World Names Profiler -- Enter your surname and find out where it's most common in the world. My family name is very WASPy -- it ends in "ton" -- and I was surprised to find Spain as the country with the fifth highest frequency of my name (after the usual suspects). I assume that's from Brits retiring to the Costa del Sol.

Name Voyager -- Enter your given name and find out when it was most popular and how popular it was. Nobody has been naming their babies after me since the '60s which explains why people tell me they have an Aunt Ouatic but never a niece.

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Wow! Hey, O! How have you been?

Apparently, my surname is common in the US and UK, not so much in Ireland, Germany and France, and nonexistent everywhere else.

My first name's popularity comes and goes.


I've been good. Aside from the whole aliens thing. You?

Huricane's a comin'. We're golden here. ^_~

How's MD?

She started university full time last week. I think she was a bit apprehensive but not now.

Good for her. Does she know what she's going to study yet?

After this term? No.

BUt they told the parents at orientation that even freshmen who know what they are going to study don't really know. Most change their minds on exposure to more.

That was me....

Edited at 2008-09-12 09:30 pm (UTC)

*missed you*

My maiden name is found in the US, Canada, UK, Australia...and India and Argentina??? That was a surprise. I blame the far-flung reaches of the British Empire. I didn't even bother with my married name (Smith).

As for my first name, it reached it's peak the year I was born. Big surprise. In a high school graduating class of 120, 15 of us had that name. Thanks, mom and dad.

And people wonder why I'd use a pen-name.


I have never actually met, face-to-face, another person with the same first name as me. However, when I was growing up there was an old lady in town with the same first name, last name and middle initial. I used to get her phone calls and bank deposits.

Edited at 2008-09-13 12:19 am (UTC)

Yay! You're posting again!

Neat web toys...I'd seen the surname thing but not the given name thing. But you can also go to the Social Security Administration page for similar baby name stats. My given name reached the height of popularity between 1900 and 1910 and has declined since then, though I have met a few others, a few younger than me. Seems to be handed out sporadically.


My first name fell of the SSA chart after 1965. It reached it's height of popularity (141st) in 1917.

I expect both web sites are using the same numbers but Name Voyager has a niftier UI while the SSA gives you more detail.

Ooh! My name peaked in 1917 as well...it's a few above yours, at 134. The Name Voyager chart is so colorful and spiffy, but I have to admit I like tweaking with the data at the SSA site better.

Mostly France but we ended up in Argentina and Spain too, hm

I guess the French retire to Spain, as well...

Norway too, for the Jauberts that couldn't take the heat I suppose.

This surprised me! My maiden name is Hanson (my grandparents immigrated from Sweden) but there are more in the US and/or Canada than there are in Sweden. I thought most of us came to Minnesota but there are more in North Dakota. Who knew? My married name is pretty common too.

My first name is getting popular again. Relatively popular, it peaked in the 1910's. I've never met anyone with my first name either. When I was younger older people would tell me they had an aunt with my name.

Out here they name their kids things like Franquie (girl) and M'Kayla. Almost never see a Mary anymore.

I was tempted to nudge you but I figured you'd be back when you were ready.

MD is a Mary. I don't think she has ever been in class with anyone else named Mary, just Maria and Marie. Here they name kids things like Zachary.

I'm all curious as to what your first name is now...

and here I always thought M stood for Monster :)

This is on the QT because MD sometimes looks at my LJ but MD really stands for Monster Daughter. Coincidentally, it is also her first and middle initials.

...it's on your profile page (which is public), so she probably knows...


I always assumed they were her initials when something possessed me to re-read your profile and I saw the Monster Daughter. Then I thought, "Huh, how did I forget that?"

I have a terrible memory for names. They just don't stick.

Yeah, but she never looks at the profile.

The given name one is interesting; my given name peaked some time before 1880, then had a couple of minor peaks in the 1930s and 1950s. I have a feeling that the real popularity peak was probably in the 17th or 18th centuries; my given name, Lucinda, was originally the name of a character in Don Quixote.

* awed *
Cervantes made up your name?

Joss Whedon used my name for a main character in one of his shows!

That's the first recorded instance of it, AFAIK. Goes back to 1604.

So what's your given name? Joss Whedon is awesomely cool! [bows in your direction for your having such a cool name that Joss Whedon borrowed it]

*whispers* Winifred

Tha's OK--Your name is waaaaaaaaay older than mine, like 7th century in Wales.