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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Cape Cod Pic Spam

Friday night, Noko took me down to the ocean to take pictures (per pilgham's orders). It was kind of dark and I don't have much experience with night photography but here are some of them.

This is just a pretty house, beach, sky scene:

This is some grass that was apparently trying to inscribe a message in the sand:

My first working light house! Unfortunately, none of the pictures where it was lit came out.

Saturday we went to the beachy/marshy thing in Sandwich. Temperature was 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but I think after windchill it was about zero. Anyways, it was freakin' cold.

Here is Noko.

Here is the marshy thing. Off to the upper left is the ocean.

The aforementioned ocean...

I then forced Noko to drive me around and look at bridges. The great advantage to this is most of the time was in the car.

This draw bridge is going up. We just missed seeing the train going across.

In retaliation for the bridges, Noko had me trek through backyards for pictures... This one also includes the requisite lobster pots.

Finally, Noko looking pensive:

My laptop froze on boot this morning so I am posting this from the hotel's internet cafe-y thing.

Edit 6:37: My roommate fixed my laptop. Yay! So I have forgiven her for locking me out.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

That is kind of you to say.


Wow. For pretty.

I believe the Cape has that reputation.

Noko wanted the thinner camera lens without the double chin.

In retaliation I will mention that the failure to catch the lighthouse light lit was not due to me. I started counting the intervals out loud while Ouatic was focusing (and shooting pic after pic) but she said she could keep count in her head. Exhibit A. No, she can't.

Not to worry. I'll Drive daughter #1 by there and we'll shuffle a shot onto the net of it lit. I will have been counting in an annoying voice in the background because she owes me big-time for the sewing. You'll just have to make do about not having a fancy camera, that thing was too intimidating to touch. And yes, the pictures are lovely.

"...the thinner camera lens without the double chin."

I want one of those lenses too.

I could cry. I miss the ocean and I miss Long Island now. I think your night pictures came out very well; mine come out black and brown. The marshy thing looks interesting, but you guys must have been freezing.

I need a bagel.

The wind was very, very, brisk. All I had to do to braid my hair when we got out of the car was face into the wind and use my fingers to guide it a little.

Your picture post could be an ad for f-listers to visit Noko. That area really is picturesque. And to have a guide who's willing to show you around in freezing temps for free - bonus. The beach house picture was very nice I thought and the sea grass was obviously literate. And now you're credited with revealing Noko, and her bookcase, to the world. She can't sneak up on us now.

That was my paperback book case.

Wow, really beautiful photos!
Also, it's cool to put a face to a name now. ^^

Thanks much. It's always interesting to see if someone looks the way you imagine.

My son practically climbed into my lap to see the pictures of the ships, ocean and bridges; this is definitely an f-list travel brochure! Noko will be inundated!

A man after my own heart.

So are you ready to enjoy our company this summer?

Nice pics.......Makes me want to go on vacation.

And when are you going to Japan next? Isn't that tout de suite?

Very nice!

I guess now Noko is gonna have to figure out what her fees are going to be for her newly minted B&B.

Tour service. I didn't stay at her place, that would have been making bad magic.