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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

MD's physician for the last couple of months has been charged with sexual assault.

I have seen him, as well, but, apparently, I am out of his age range.

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OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! Yeah, that's crazy. I saw that on the news. What a creep. *hugs*

MD heard about it when it was discussed in class and she was very upset because she had really liked Hughes. He was very personable.

Thanks for your concern.

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MD reassured me that he had never come on to her (not that I doubted it because I'm pretty sure she would have mentioned it) but, yeah, he seemed really nice.

My husband points out innocent until proven guilty and so far there are just the allegations of one girl...

He has two daughters in HS. Regardless of the truth of the matter, I really feel for them.

Yikes! That's just scary as heck. *hugs*

MD was very upset. You know what they say, "He seemed like such a nice guy." And a good doctor, too.

Thanks for your concern.

Well, that's messes with your medical continuity.

Fortunately, he's the family practice guy, not the diabetes Ghai so MD had only started seeing him when she needed the bloodwork done last fall.

And it didn't send him into the throes of passion? How disappointing for her.

I guess she's just too cerebral.

That and the lack of time must have been a hindrance.

My childhood dentist was scary. Little did we know until much, much later that during the years he was treating me a kid died after getting a bad anesthetic shot. And then he was arrested and sent to jail after he broke a kid's bone during an exam.


(And for the record, there's not connection between those Rivero's and me; it's just eerie coincidence.)

You win. At least Hughes' (alleged) victim got money, drugs and clean needles instead of broken bones or dead.

Your dentist sounds like the one from Little Shop of Horrors or Speed Grapher.

OMG, scary!!

You got that right. One doesn't like to think of one's child's physician as having a sexual interest in one's child. Not that we know that he did but, ick!

That makes me completely and utterly ill. It's situations like this that turn this nice, unassuming liberal into a ravening capital punishment supporter.

*tries to pull in mother sabre-tooth fangs, without success*

I don't know if I'd go so far as capital punishment but certainly jail time and lose his license.

Besides, we don't currently execute people in Illinois because every time we did, the guy would turn out to be innocent.

I'll bet this isn't his first offense, though.

So glad that MD escaped his attentions! *feathers still ruffled*

*feathers ruffling all around*

Oh, hell no.

Adds that little extra fillip to going to the doctor, doesn't it? Is he just going to charge you an arm and a leg or will he also lure your child into drug use and pornography?

How's MD doing with the news?

She discussed it with her therapist, who also knew the guy, and, apparently, her therapist was of help.

She was shocked and creeped out but she is dealing.

Ah shit, that's scary.

He seemed so nice...

MD liked him. But not in that way.

Judging by the picture, can understand why.

Nobody takes a good mug shot.

You should see mine.

I'd like to! Give it up.

That's creepy. Actually, I'm getting used to this sort of thing cropping up here and there. I'm glad MD didn't have trouble with him, but the good of the experience is that she's never going to trust someone just because they're in a position where trust is implicit. It's a good lesson to learn.

That's a positive way of looking at it!