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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Where the Heck iis O-7?

I've been trying to work on my presentation (Code Analysis and Metrics: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) for the Tech Summit and eschewing LJ for fear my face would be grabbed. This has only been moderately successful as the face grabbing void has been filled by new toys.

Willy, nilly, my presentation has to be done after next weekend so I will be more visible.

Lagniappe:  Cell Phone Novels

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I hope this thing is riviting.

Maybe she should use the cell idea.

My company was acquired (back in 2001) for our telephony expertise!

There you go - the signs point to text.

Well then, the signs point to yes.

It won't be but, for no very good reason, I'm talking about something I know little about so I've had to do a lot of research.

The research into various metrics, not so fun; trying to get a tool to work, fun; writing PowerPoint slides about it, least fun.

I read the thing about the cell phone novels. I don't think I like the idea. But then I never do like the fanfics with that plot.

It does sound horrid.

But how long until FanFiction,net and FictionPress offer WAP access. For all I know, they do already.

Carpal tunnel, ooooow! But cool, nonetheless.

We'd love to see more of you around here.

That was my thought. Even though the thing is only 142 pages.

I'll try to be more visible.

Good, good, but we know you're busy.

Did you ask Clint Eastwood if you could steal his movie for your presentation? Then again, it might liven things up a bit...'course hubby has been having "geek-gasms" (his word, not mine) over MS's version of Flash programming this past week and I'm totally clueless over that too.

What new toys? Anything cool? And where's the pic-spam? You haven't blessed us with any for quite a while now.

Were the shooting and mall explosion anywhere near you? I thought of you when I heard about both and wondered if you were in the vicinity of either.

Cell phone novels? The lexicon as we know it is done for!

I did get Sergio Leone's permission. ANd I have the theme on my jukebox...

I got a Kindle about a month ago so it has been fun putting free stuff on there. ALso, my phone/PDA was rebooting randomly so I finally got a new phone/PDA with a different OS so I had to get it to sync with Google Calendar and upload my address book, both of which turned out to be easier than I expected and get a decent version of sudoku which turned out to be harder than I epxected.

I do have one picture from last week that I think's pretty funny...

Hello, you! Missing your nose, are you? *shakes head* I'm afraid I'm well acquainted with the 'face grabbing' associated with new toys.

*rolls eyes at O-7s mumbled comment*

Don't go there....

*goes there*

Crackberry got your nose?

I wish. Actually, it's an iTouch, but the damn thing's still addictive.

Ooooh. Very fancy.