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Many, Many Books

Now that I have an infinite portable library, I've been looking for stuff to fill it up!

pilgham put me on to ManyBooks.net which has loads of free books in a variety of formats. In addition to the old standby out of copyright authors like Austen; Victorian fantasy  from Andrew Lang. George MacDonald, and Edith Nesbit and finned rocket science fiction from E. E. ''Doc'' Smith, all Project Gutenberg stuff,  there are some more modern works of interest:

Little Fuzzy

I've read this book so many times, I've lost count; I just reread it and the only thing that hadn't aged well was the camera technology.

My Own Kind of Freedom

I haven't actually read this yet but I was surprised to find Steven Brust has written Firefly fan fic.

Dance of the Gods

This is a fantasy tetralogy from the early 90s. I've read it twice. I'm not very good at book reviews so I'm going to (r/d)efer to to these:

All four books are available because after they went out of print the author, Mayer Alan Brenner, scanned them in and made them available. The first book,Catastrophe's Spell, starts a little slow but I was sucked in once the detective was introduced.

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Where'd you hear that Brust has written fanfic? Pretty neat. :) No one is immune to fangirlyness. So, what kind of portolibrary you got?

I inferred that it was fan fic since he's clearly not getting paid for it. I just happened on it browsing.

I came home from work last November and P says, "We need to get two Kindles."

"What's a Kindle?" I say.

After I looked into it I said we could get one to see how it was. We had it for like a weekend before we ordered another for me which didn't come until January.

Meaning I need to look up these Kindles as well. :)

Little Fuzzy?! I had the entire series at one point.

An infinite book collection would be wonderful but I would like mine in produced in the shape of a high-quality Durabind pocketbook edition for my reading pleasure. I have several books produced that way that scarcely show their 45 years. Maybe what I want is an infinite bookshelf of those. That would be nice.

Unfortunately, Fuzzy Sapiens, Fuzzies and Other People and Fuzzy Bones (which are all around here some place) are not available for free download, or any download at all as far as I know.

Yeh, you do lose a bit on the physical, the pages turn a bit slow and I don't think graphic novels will work well without a lot of tweaking, but it makes up for it in portability.

MD took a reader to the hospital in December and it was the best thing since sliced bread because she never ran out of stuff to read. I always end up weighed down when I travel; I have to have at least two books on the plane because what if I finish one or it is boring?

Ahh, portable readers. Meh. Something to think about. When that designer talked to me about the internet, back in 1978, all I could think was portable library. But I don't actually like reading off of a monitor and I need to be able to move around as I read. 'speacially 'cause I do be so likely to fry off three or four books a week in any particularly incontinent patch of reading.

I think my Fuzzy books were destroyed in a flood of rabbit turds, before we figured out what house-breaking a rabbit meant.

Ooh, death by rabbit turds. Sounds neither dignified nor pleasant.

A bunch of Piper's stuff is

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Ooh, death by rabbit turds. Sounds neither dignified nor pleasant.

A bunch of Piper's stuff is <a href="http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/p#a8301"available from Project Gutenberg</a>, which at least takes up very little shelf space.

I will have to see if there are any of interest that ManyBooks doesn't carry.

Baen turns out to have a lot of back catalog stuff available in eFormats that I would want (Bujold and Hodgell, for instance) some free and some at a price less than paperbacks.

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But wait -- there's more!

Download this!