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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
That Fondness Meme...

Comment and I'll tell you three things I lovelike about you. Then you do the same in your LJ and spread the lovelike! ♥

Owed to rya_kelley and parsnip_chan, variant "borrowed" from drjmaxwell.

If you had a magical device that would let you carry an infinite number of books everywhere you went and it also worked with fan fics, what fics would you put in your device?  In other words, which fanfics would you like to carry around?

Basically looking for recs here, preferably finished works. These are fandoms that interest me, in no particular order:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Full Metal Panic
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Deeper Kyo
From Far Away
Vorkosigan series
One Piece
Crossovers, especially with the above

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You mean...you're not in love with me? *is stunned*

Nah! I totally am; that was just for the hoi polloi.

1. You write the bestest ever Jaken fics!

2. E-life should be a getaway from RL and when I'm with you release me from my staid, monogamous, RL self.

3. I can never resist your dead sexy charms.

Oh you flirt, let those silly moral, personal and marital constrictions begone!

Like seems easier to handle than love.

I think so.

1. Your goofy acerbity (I don't know how you manage it but you do)

2. Your writing. I like the style. I appreciate the research you put in, even if you can't spell "Nobunaga" to save your life. I love (there's that word) the OCs; you have a gift for original and interesting OCs.

3. You make me laugh.

I think no one should be able to spell that name.

Much prefer the like. Will look around for recs. I've read-dabbled a bit in FMA (too much yaoi for my personal tastes, though) Rurouni Kenshin, Avatar, and Bleach.

Oh! Wait. For Bleach? Anything by Debbiechan. Anything...er, save for the yaoi -- but in case you hadn't noticed it yet, I'm a mostly closed-minded reader when it comes to that. Akarii might have better recs for you there, though.

Avatar? "Price of Peace" and "Bitter Alliance" by LooneyLuna are pretty good (both still unfinished, though). Heavy Zutara leanings, there. I'll have to dig around and see what I see.

I also find FMA, in general, too yaoirific but hope springs eternal. There is one I have been following but it hasn't been updated in 6 months. It's a continuation:


1. You're just so dang nice!

2. I have reread what there is of Waiting on a Wish. Forget RL; get off your dead but and finish that story!

3. I admire your industry. You seem to work like the dickens to put yourself through school.

Gah. I can't keep up with my life and LJ is no exception. The only fic(s) I can think of are Resmiranda's Hotel of the Moon or Dogs in Tokyo, but I know you probably have these anyway. I have a couple of pr0n-y fics, but I don't know how much of a consideration that is.

Personally, I wouldn't want to carry around anything too explicit. I have the worst luck. I would lose my device and it would be found by someone in the business world that knew how to crack a p/w. That's just me.

Here are 3 things I like about you:

1. Your objectivity.
2. I think it is so cool that you write code.
3. Your discretion.

3. Discrete? Me?

Porny (as long as it is non-yaoi because that just doesn't interest me) is OK. I don't have a PW on the thing but it also has no identifiers on it.

Haven't got around to Dogs, but I will. Not sure if I will do the Moon one. I thought it was well written but I found the end unsatisfying.

Oh, and you probably want your three things (you threw me off).

1. Your arguments (I'm thinking back to the discussion of porm vs erotica and others) are cogent and literate. Having you as my friend makes me feel smart.

2. But with that touch of acid I find so appealing.

3. I just feel we are on the same wavelength a lot of the time.