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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
This and That

Seen driving home the other night...

I came home from work in so much pain yesterday that I couldn't Google my symptoms. Apparently, I'm fine now. pilgham thinks it was food poisoning but I've never had it like that.

Spent several hours today working on my presentation and will again tomoorow; it's getting me out of lunch with my in-laws.

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Someone is both uneven and has no concern for what his boss thinks. He should be culled from the herd on both counts.

I think "fixing" would be sufficient. And I'm not talking about the car.

Amazingly, I've seen the balls on a car before.

Not the bumper stickers, though.

One wonders, this one does at least, where one goes to purchase a set of vehicular testicles and accompanying bumper stickers.

And why, should go without saying.

Egads. That car...*shudder*

As for the possible food poisoning, that's awful! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, that stuff's no joke. I was hospitalized thanks to bad potato salad when I was younger. Still can't look at a bowl of it.

That was exactly my repsonse!

I need a camera phone.

Actually, I don't use the camera in my phone. I was inspired by having a camera everywhere I went but I wanted a camera with real optics so I just carry a compact camera in my purse wherever I go.

You're trying to get me after that turtle picture :P

I've seen balls on cars at least twice already. Guys that do it think they're so 'macho' but OMG it's just gay to me.

At least there was some art to that turtle picture...

I don't about gay but it is certainly one way not to attract the ladies...

I think putting the balls on the car is taking the vehicle as dick metaphor a bit too far.

Edited at 2008-02-10 03:46 am (UTC)

And if we're not impressed with said testicular demonstration, does that mean we get to flash the driver with saggy old-lady boobies?

Food poisoning is terrible, and from the sounds of your symptoms that's what hit ya. Or was it the impending lunch with the in-laws, hm?

With food poisoning I've been nauseous, etc., but never in pain before; I just curled up into a ball for four hours. Fine today, though. *knocks wood*

Re the car, I really have no idea what the driver is expecting from his (I assume it's a he) display but it's February in Chicago and hereabouts flashing is restricted to May through September.

Yeah, talk about it being colder than a witche's tittie in a brass bra outside...

Could inspire a few new lines to 'Do Your Ears Hang Low'. Hope you're feeling better -I've been sick too this past week or more. Kids too.

Much much better, hope you are too.

I had 4 hours of excruciating pain, then I was fine.

Still stuffy. I'll take my virus over excrutiating.

I hope to not see nipples on a car :P

It never occurred to me that I had to hope not to see testicles on a car. Silly me.

Considering how those leather (or pleather) things over the front end are already called bras, can nipples be far behind? I must say that I've seen those things on pickup trucks before but not on a sedan. They are of course sold online.

And frankly, O7, they might make me curl up in a ball for four hours, too. Glad that you're feeling better, though.

I've seen the dangling balls off of trucks before, which gets a huge eye roll out of me :P

My van has a bra on it right now. Dare I peek underneath it now? lol... It's an old van, too, on its last leg...

I've had conversations with women about nipple-free bras, but somehow the context always focused on our clothing rather than on our BMWs.

Edited at 2008-02-18 06:41 am (UTC)

My eyes hurt......

I just wonder what the person was trying to accomplish.