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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Makeover Magic!

The always bizarrely lovely nelson_bannaba sent my keys a new wardrobe!

Here is my house key, wearing the same old outfit it's been wearing for yonks upon yonks.

Decisions... Decisions... (it's shy)


Happy birthday to somnambulicious.

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Tune: Lee Press-on and the Nails - [Jump-Swing from Hell- Live at the Hi-Ball Lounge #12] Sing, Sing, Sing

I would be jealous if I didn't have my friend.

I got Frankenberry Lip goo, too!

On the other hand, you got half a dozen semi-feral kitties...

I DID get a container of Dog Food For Humans but I was fool enough to offer it to Kim-Raye, my part-time daughter, and that was the end of that little container of cookies.

Part-time daughter?

@@ It's a long story.

Those are so cuuuuuttteeee! I like the Pacman one the best.

My keys are always naked.

My other ones go commando, too.

that's what you get when you give your address out... (love the pac man one, but would have chosen the yin/yang like you did)

It's so much more classic!

i dunno. pacman is pretty classic now too...

Key does not much care for teh video games.

the key's probably not old enough to appreciate pacman anway. yin/yang is timeless!

I don't think your house key is all that shy. I mean, it's all posed in a nekkie pic and all.

Didn't you notice the subdued lighting? Or do you think it was making a pretense of Art?

You're right. I didn't notice the subdued lighting. Good of you to be so thoughtful.

Hmmmm. I suppose nekkid is better than that peek-a-boo thing it had to wear.

The shame!!! I knew your keys were badly in need of clothes, but to post pictures of the poor things without f-locking.

That's me, exploiting my key for fame on teh interwebs.

Makeovers are big at the moment - you were fine as you were, but your keys - they needed a lift.

Man, you better watch out for the p0rn patrol, posting nekkid piccies like that.

I need a set of those for my keys...where can I find some?

It will certainly say something if my account gets deleted...


That's so cute. I like that you went with yin and yang.

Key is really into Asian stuff.