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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Query for the Ages

So I was reading a Reggie/Betty PWP -- because it was there -- and I wondered, "Where are all the Archie/Inuyasha crossovers?"

I'd think with all the HS AUs, it'd be a shoo-in.

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Nice to see you around - Archie/Inuyasha is a brain breaker. People fall into comas on the keyboard trying to write such.

You can't see Veronica trying to date Sesshoumaru?

Makes me a little wistful for the days of we_do_badfic

P has a couple of sequels planner for Dangerous Curves, if he would just sit down and write them, all about Lorne and Lindsay in Tulsa. One's a crossover with Shaman King and the other with Oh Edo Rocket.

Whoa, lots knocking around in that head of his, eh.


Even the suggestion of that broke my brain. SRSLY.

*pat* *pat*

Not everyone's brain has the capacity for crossovers...

The visual of Sess melting Veronica when she seized upon his fluffy bits and squealed for Daddy to buy it immediately was good for a few moment's entertainment, not to mention Miroku putting the moves on Midge and being flattened by Moose... but no. Just no.

The Reggie/Betty PWP was bad enough to visualize.

*develops a facial tic*

There's Archie fan fiction? Really? Just goes to show people will write anything.

Also maybe there aren't any Archie/Inu crossovers because almost everyone who writes high school fic is too young to know who Archie is... XD

No that was not an age joke directed at you, after all I am familiar with Archie myself :p

Edited at 2008-01-30 07:24 am (UTC)

Actually Archie is still in production (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archie_Comics#The_Archie_gang_.28main_characters.29)
and has apparently been adding non-WASP characters. Still no Japanese but there are some that might be youkai!

You must write it!

I fear my knowledge of the Archie canon is insufficient.

(My story and I'm sticking to it.)

There is little to the Archie cannon. They swung every which way and time made no difference.

That sounds much kinkier than I recall.

It's true though. There was a comic for every possible pairing in the Archieverse. Summers spent with no tv and only a very limited local market will teach a kid about Archie comics.

Poor thing!

I'm speechless.

That does seem odd.

It's a topic upon which it is difficult...nay-treacherous; to expound.


Fascinating. Now I have to look back to remind myself of what the hell we were babbling about.

Yes; I.