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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Vacation Pic Spam!

I finally got all (meaning the cream) of my vacation pics posted but at this late date it seems silly to give a blow by blow so I have decided to just post a context free selection.


4th picture
Looks like someone found Henry Fonda

And Terrence Hill!

You would think a body part would rate a cabin seat.

There were four of those boxes going round the carousel when we got there, looked like they had been going round awhile.

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Pic spams are my favs. It looks like a lot of your vacation involved heights. Where is the rock with the petroglyphs located?

At least I think those are called petroglyphs.

That is, in fact, Petroglyph National Monument in the Albuquerque suburbs.

The climbing picture is coming down from the Acoma Pueblo.

Wow. And I thought I had fun on my vacation. You got to climb stuff, take pictures of ancient history, and wander around in the same building as a free-floating body part.

What's up with the upside down ceiling art?

That ceiling is over the food court at the Cottonwood Mall, the largest mall in New Mexico, which was across the street from our lodging.

I don't know the motivation but it was nifty cool.

i LOVE the upside down mountains. the eyeballs i could have done w/o. ew.

At least the eyes weren't in the food court!

. . . Human eye. And it's marked perishable. "This side up." What was it for, I wonder to myself.

Either dissection or transplant. I trust it was for dissection as I would want any organ placed in me to be as fresh as possible.

A few months ago you advised MD when about to miss a turn to just drive by it and say, "I totally could have made that", and that everyone in the car would agree with her because they were glad to be alive.

I took that advice a couple of days ago. Worked like a charm, and I'm stlll here to tell you about it.

Goodoh! It's nice to be alive and preserve face.

I wonder how much human eye balls go for now and days? (Itachi may want some)

Not much I guess or they wouldn't have been circling the carousel for so long.

Whoa, where were all those horses?

All one?