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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pic Spam: Sunrise Over Sandia Mountains & National Atomic Museum

We had a fabulous view from our motel. I took these from the parking lot but the room's view was pretty similar.

Here are the lights of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque at O dark hundred.

Here the sun is almost up:

Later that day we went to The National Atomic Museum. Oh, sure they had stuff on bombs but what fascinated me were the consumer items. I had headr about the shoe store x-ray machines but never seen one before. Then there was this ad, Tho-Radia face powder for that special glow:

There was also an exhibit on propaganda with example posters and explanations of types of propaganda. Unfortunately, the explanations were not tied well to the posters. The posters were interesting, though. I liked this French one:

Lastly, for a mere $35, you too can buy goggles used to "view" actual atomic tests!

There are a couple more pics here.

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love the sunset! those posters are a hoot. that place would make me nervous.

It didn't make me nervous but a lot of the exhibits have a really high ewww! factor when you think about them. Like the radioactive face powder.

what was the purpose of THAT?

"Beauty" I presume.

hm. that 'dewy glow' i suppose.

I see Senator Kohl has left his mark on the first picture. At least it is not the other item he owns...i.e.The Milwaukee Bucks (BTW, if someone sees that item, please return it to Milwaukee, the junior high school team is getting tired of playing the NBA)

Oh! is Kohl's from Wisconsin?

The posters are skin-crawly creepy. So are the goggles. I've only ever driven through Albuquerque once, but I thought it was beautiful then. Looks like it still is.

re: creepy crawly posters
Oh yeah. Not that fashion can't be creepy on its own. Nice touch with the squid, though. Plus ça change...

I mostly find that people are much creepier than squids, but that would probably have been less effective as propaganda.

Not that fashion can't be creepy on its own.

Oh, jeez! That's for sure! Bound feet, corsets, makes you wonder what the current health destroying fad is.

Albuquerque is just gorgeous. I'd move there in a second. P also thought it was pretty but didn't care for the town.

However, he would like to import some mountains to perk up our local views.

I LOVE the poster about the Nazi's and how they're 'watching.' Too bad the guy in the picture looks like Darth Vader... lol

Maybe Vader looks like a Nazi?

lol... Maybe so.

Love the icon!

lol Thanks! That's how I feel when I'm at work and little kids are just running rampant through the store...

I work at Wal Mart. The best form of birth control ever created. ;o)

I can see how that would be...