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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Where's Ouatic-7

So last Monday, MD's physician phoned up and said the pediatric endocrinologist wanted to put MD in the hospital for a couple of days to determine her regimen and get her started. He wanted her to go in that evening. MD said, "I have two tests tomorrow!" so we pushed back and set it for Friday.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication so she didn't actually enter the hospital until yesterday.

So last week I was fretting about the hospital and just too tired to be sociable. I didn't do any Christmas shopping to speak of, either.

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Pfft. Blowing LJ off because you were worried about your sick kid. Lamest. Excuse. Ever.

Seriously, though, how is she holding up? How are you and her dad holding up? All of you take care and I'll keep you in my thoughts. Be sure to let us know what the doctors say.

MD is not enjoying her hospital stay but she's making the best of it. She's old enough and smart enough to understand why it has to be done and make the best of it but, all things considered, she'd rather be in school. I'd rather be at work.

The bad part will come when she has to do the maintenance, always dosing before eating and figuring out how much to dose.

That poor kid. I'd like to send her something. Is there anything in particular that she enjoys?

"Get me out of here!!!"

She says thank you but that may be conditional on her freedom.

Tell her a book, CD, movie, name it. Amazon will send it to her house.

Are your ears burning?

I was just about to ping you on email to see if everything was all right, and here is an update.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for MD and tuck a soft, fluffy blanket around you and P while you wait.

*tosses blanket off, regretfully*

I have to be trained too. I just poked MD in the finger and I gave her a shot this morning. I'm also learning about the carb-counting which is what MD will do to figure out her dose.

*nods* Welcome to the not-so-wonderful world of diabetes testing and carb-counting. It's worth it in the end, though, because so many other things in her body that have been put out of whack by out-of-control blood sugars come back down to normal levels.

I'm sure they've told you already, but it is much easier to get a blood sample by poking the side of the finger instead of the tip or the pad, and it doesn't sensitize the area over the long run. Self-injection in the thigh also works better than the arm; lower 'ouch' factor.

I recall peas, corn and carrots being problematic because of their natural sugar levels, and looking askance at the 1 c. of cooked pasta I was permitted until I became used to the smaller portions distributed over the day.

MD has been told that, while she should eat healthfully and should eschew sweets because they are hard to dose for, she can eat as much as she wants. She just has to have a good estimate of the carbs because that is what her insulin will be based on.

The portion size will probably become an issue during pregnancy, because that's when weight gain for the fetus is the issue. Ten pound (or more) babies don't easily come out the way Nature intended!

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Thank you.

I'm sorry. I suppose it's best to monitor all those things in the hospital where they control her intake and labs, but sheeesh. Sux.

I was wondering where you've been, but I was rather hoping Asmodeus' motherboard was acting up again or something (sorry A). Why does this stuff always seem to happen around Christmas?

Hang in there. :) Tell MD my thoughts are with you all.

Asmodeus' motherboard is still on the fritz but I have my laptop, just no energy.

Yep, last November/December MD had a broken wrist. I think it happens in December because I've made bad magic by using up all my sick time.

I'll let MD know you're thinking of her.

Gah. Figures. Usually, they'll ask you to send her to diabetic classes or a camp during the summers too. It's a lot to handle, that's for sure.

Both P and MD's doc expected it to be all outpatient but having been through the process, now, it makes sense to me.

When she leaves, MD will have experience testing her blood sugar and giving herself shots. Not so much with the calculating the dose, however, as the hospital menus are quite simple.

So far she is holding up pretty well.

Good. Nice that she's starting off smoothly.

So, are you having an Amazon Christmas this year or what? I find this year's gifts greatly simplified by the fact that both of the girls are only getting one big present plus maybe one or two extras. Much easier.

I'm an Amazon girl every Christmas! I use to enjoy going to stores but now they seem so limited. And there are people there. Lots of people. And I have to gird my loins for the cold.

Was your Christmas an Amazon one, too?

Actually, I was just going to get back to my shopping for my sibs and their spouses and offspring. They are extra hard because I don't see them frequently.

Amazon for the girls, a graphics tablet and an external hard drive. The net for a T-Shirt saying, Dangerously Overeducated. And I suspect it will be an Amazon gift card for my other brother. He needs a chance at some funny money.

Those presents sound nifty; I'm sure they will be pleased.

I'm thinking Amazon gift card for the nephew who graduated college last year.

The other thing we do, P's idea, is get something at Border's or Barnes and Noble, depending on what stores are closer to the recipient, make sure it has a gift receipt in it and regard it as a gift certificate, but one where we at least tried to guess.

off topic

Hello. I saw on meetup.com that you are interested in meeting other folks from LJ. There is a community chicagoljmeetup that has events on occasion, usually whenever I feel like organizing one. I didn't start the community nor am I the moderator, but it appears I'm the one who organizes most of the meetups. Now that my least favorite season has settled in, I don't plan on organizing any until the spring, but if you want to check it out and maybe join in on an event once things get rolling again or organize one yourself, please do. I hope to see you in the community and perhaps in real life once it's warm enough for grandma to go without her sweater. Cheers!

kids in hospitals are no fun. and certainly don't put you in the mood for xmas shopping (not that i ever am).

glad you popped up to say hi. hope it went ok.

So far so good except for the vasty amount of work I am missing when I was already out of sick time. Fortunately, R (my boss) is aces.

you are lucky! i'm glad that's one bit of stress somewhat reduced! but still. you and MD will both remember the way yu were "there for her" much more than your boss will remember the three things that got done.

Well you have a good reason for being away and unsociable. All I have is bad time management and a sore back. I hope MD will be okay.

At this moment, this may change of course, she is facing the future with fortitude.

Good, maybe the holiday spirit is giving her that extra lift.