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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Brit vs Yank

Stolen from nokomarie

1. When was the last time you ate a pasty?

Never, ever.

2. Did the Moomins freak you out as a kid?

I can truthfully state that I have never been startled by a "Moomin" whatever that is.

3. Got any A-Levels?

I took enough APs and did well enough on them that the only Freshman level class I took at university was 2nd semester English.

4. What's your favourite pub?

I don't really have a favorite. I do have memories of sitting in the Eagle with pilgham back when we were dating.

5. What's your favourite pub grub?

I don't eat that stuff.

6. How about curry, do you like it and what's your fave?

I like it. My faves are probably murgh makhani or chicken vindaloo.

7. Which national saints days do you celebrate?

St Crispin's Day is my birthday. Does that count?

8. It's Christmas day. Morecambe and Wise or the Queen's Speech?

King's College Chapel Choir.

9. You are having a dinner guest over. You find out it's a SUN journalist, what do you do?

Attempt to be a gracious host.

10. What did you get up to last Guy Fawkes night?

Haven't a clue. It's November 5th, right?

Against the American Alternative

1. When did you last eat pizza?

Friday night.

2. Have you ever plotted Barnie's death?

No, I just reveled in the Animaniacs doing it for me.

3. Graduate Highschool?


4. Favorite bar/restaraunt to hang out?

I don't really hang out in restaurants.bars. Back before pilgham and I were married, I was working a show in DC. P and I stayed in the Shoreham while the rest of my organization was across the street. At that time (mid 80s) they had a bar in the lobby (which is just ginormous and gorgeous). In the evening, they would dim the lights, we'd get Irish coffess from the bar and enjoy the luxurious and romantic ambiance. We have often tried to recreate that.

Shoreham Lobby:

5. If you sit at the bar do you eat? If so, what?

I wiill snack on just about anything fried..

6. Texmex OK?

Not the way they do it in Illinois! Texmex is good.

7. Which National Observance Day do you observe?

There are certain family rituals  associated with Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

8. It's the Superbowl, do you watch it or only cruise through the room for the commercials?

I've given up on the commercials. We pretty much ignore the Super Bowl.

9. You are having people over and one of them turns out to work for the National Enquirer, what do you do?

Attempt to be a gracious host.

10. What were you up to on Halloween night?

Gave out candy while reading. Don't ask me what. I might have been surfing.

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The Animaniacs killed Barney? *iz hopeful*

Well, not exactly. But they frequently squashed the faux Barney and he didn't enjoy it one bit!

Well, that's better than nothing, I suppose.

I can understand about the Shoreham.

Best nephrology convention I ever went to!

My answer to a disturbing majority of the Brit questions is some variation of "what?"

Fortunately, my American answers are much more legible. And yes, I did plot Barnie's long and gruesome death. Quite proudly, in fact, and in rhyme and song. *nods*

And yes, I did plot Barnie's long and gruesome death. Quite proudly, in fact, and in rhyme and song. *nods*


To the "I love you" Song:

I love you, you love me,
Barney's hanging from a tree,
With a knife in his back and a bullet in his head,
Aren't you glad that Barney's dead?

^^ I think there were others (mostly set to Christmas jingles) but that's the one that comes to mind without any effort.

So talented!

The Shoreham looks really nice. Really nice. I'd consider hanging out there.

It was just awesome. The room was vanilla, as I recall, but the lobby was gorgeous and once they dimmed the lights, it just oozed ambiance.

Also, at that time, Rappin' Ronnie was playing in the little theater off the lobby and we'd been wanting to see that. So we did.