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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pic Spam Meme

Hmmm, I could write about something interesting in my life or I could do a meme...

Gacked from rya_kelley and queenofthecute. Apparently one does a Google image search on the answer to the question and posts a pic from the first page of results.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday

And a fine vintage I'll be.

2. A place you'd like to travel

There are other places I'd like to go more but this is actually in Illinois and think of the snark I'm missing out on.

3. Your favorite place

I am just selecting this based on the amount of time I voluntarily spewnd in it.

4. Your favorite object

This search lead me to a site that looks tes cool Jared von Hindman's Head Injury Theater.

5. Your favorite food

Ignore the tacos. Tacos made from preformed, non-masa shells never cross my lips.

6. Your favorite animal


7. Your favorite color

Be glad that I didn't go with the necrotic wound.

8. The town/city in which you live

9. The name of a past pet

No, it wasn't Buggy. Though that would be a fabulous name for a cat.

10. The first name of a past love

Surprisingly, I did not google Monkey D. Luffy.

11. Your nickname/screen name

This is the author Sharon Lee. Unfortunately, I had direct connections with every picture that came up. This was the least direct.

I tried "ouatic" and got something a bit more interesting and what I was expecting:

12. Your first name

13. Your middle name

14. Your last name

15. A bad habit of yours

I gotta 3-fer here.

16. Your first job

It was very aromatic, manual labor.

17. Your grandmother's name

This image skipped on account of porn.

18. Your major in college

I did attend uni on a full ride.


I liked this meme too. I may try it. I find myself wondering if the pics for 6 and 7 are switched?

15 is wonderful.

You found some great pictures. Was your major in college speed skaters?

I love the monkey.

re: #15 is wonderful.

Yeah, except for the Bud Light thing. Sure, it's a fancy import beer in Australia, but that doesn't mean it's worth drinking locally . . .

Let's not jump to conclusions. Just as the cat is a representation of O-7, the Bud Light may be representative of beer.

Cats can never drink the really hard stuff after all.

Cats can never drink the really hard stuff after all.

Isn't that why we have eggnog? As my friend Beth said, it's just made to be diluted. Later, one of her cats ended up drinking some that was already spiked (was okay, fortunately, but quite tipsy for a while).

I had forgotten about that. They *are* suckers for eggnog. XD

What 45Cats said.

You know P would never let me have that crap(Bud in any form) in the house.

Oh, good -- otherwise I'd have had to unfriend you. Whew! That was close.

No wonder I was feeling chilled this morning.

You think my favorite color is Evil the Cat?

I was a Computer and Information Science major.

That is an awesome monkey.

See...this is why I'm afraid to let my Mensa membership lapse. I would never pass the test if I had to take it again. The Mensa card is the only proof I have that I'm intelligent, or was.

I didn't know Evil the cat was an animated character. To me it looked like a possibility that your fav colour was orange and your favorite animals are bats. It could happen.

o...m...g...the head injury theatre link is awesome. I only read one movie review, but it was Gingerdead Man with Gary Busey in the starring role. Need I say more?

Just to keep things straight, my Evil is not named after that Evil although we all did watch Earthworm Jim with religious fervor.


Points for the monkey.

I think it is supposed to look like Larry King.

So . . . your real name is Flower Shelly Gerbil.


You're so silly!

That's not a gerbil. It's a kangaroo rat.

Flower Shelly Kangaroo Rat. That's pretty.

I'm pretty sure her middle name is Nautilus.

Flower Nautilus Kangaroo Rat. Awesome.

So "ouatic" is the Chinese word for River Dance?

Look at the foot gear. The shoes are soft soled.

Ouatic = The old soft shoe

Ah yes, number 15 is good, as 10... looks like someone I know, actually, lol.

And number 2, is that from Pa. by chance? Looks like the one that sits high on the mountain from round my neck of the woods.

Would so like to do one of these, but I really need a 'Live Journal For Dummies Manuel', lol. No, I still haint figured out the cut thingy. ::sigh::

# 2 is the Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Alto Pass, Illinois.


For posts, I use the Semagic client. It helps to know HTML (I like to get fancy) but you don't need to. It will do all of the highlighting and linkage and such.

For this post, I saved the pics on my hard drive and linked to them there. When I posted, Semagic uploaded them all to my scrapbook and fixed the links.


I've been wanting to do this one as well but I never seem to have a nice block of time to devote to the copy and paste involved.

I'm confused by number #18! I thought number 12 was quite nice.

The rules say you have to use something from the first page of the results not that the actual picture has anything to do with the question.