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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Photo Caption Contest, 5/6

This week's photo.

Here are the entries, so far:


Unable to afford a jet-ski, Phil tries to impress the kids with his “modified double cam Pumpkin ski”. (Winner!)


"Great Pumpkin Saves Drowning Man"…..film at 11….


Guinness Book of World Records Nominee, Mwai Mbagathi, displays his "outie".


Experimental Oatmeal Treatment: Is it for Everyone ? "Definitely", says Adam Sellers.

For the first part of the summer of 1995 there was no hint of the ordeal that the 16 year old Adam Sellers was about to begin. He was a typical all-around handsome teenager - honors student, played the violin, sang in the school chorus and concert choir, worked part-time and led a very active social life. He loved and played sports - baseball and basketball - and had just attended a week long soccer camp in preparation for the Fall Varsity program without voicing any physical complaints - until a routine Proton Emission Tomography scan revealed a giant tumor in his lower abdomen.

All pretty good, I think, except for K. Nothing funny about a tumor.

Edit: 5/11

Late Entry from S: Tsunami survivor found clinging to roof of local Orange Julius franchise.

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