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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Voice Post

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“Hi this is the ward at 7 taking up Nelson Bernabers(?) voice post falling language challenge. Here I am, ordering much, I have a staking kidney pud trying to get better, try to to follow. Bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


I'm very impressed. Mine didn't come close to sounding like an actual meal.

My cousin was in Britain with me and stated that she only understood about 25% was what was being said at any given time. I understood more simply because I was rooming with British teachers.

Some of the funniest movies come from indie companies in Great Britain, but they're a lot of work. It really is like learning a new language.

Lots of slang or words we're unaccustomed to, but yes good.

After you watch a couple you get used to it, barely notice it, but it's a good thing there's a back button on my remote.

Subs are often a great help.

Maybe I am acclimated because of my in-laws but I didn't have any problems except when the Chinese-Scot waiter asked me what I wanted as a starter and that was a combination of his accent and me being dense.

So was it the chinese or the Scottish that threw you?

It was "starter" when my American ears were expecting "appetizer". Combined with the accent, I just couldn't parse it.

Oh yes, the starter. Desserts should be the enders.

My native guide told me what to say.

For a second there, thought I was in a pub in Britain. :) Jolly good and now for the Japanese!

(I like how the automated transcription translated our names - you're the ward at 7 and I'm a Bernaber and this is the falling language challenge).

The automated transcription proves I was speaking a foreign language.

Must have been.

I prefer Toad in the Hole.

Well, if I was ordering something I'd actually eat, I would have ordered chicken vindaloo. Should have anyway, it's just as authentic.

And tasts better.