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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Frost on the Subaru...

That does not make me happy.

Current Location: work, but don't tell anyone
Mood: irritatedchilly
Tune: Friday morning work chit-chat

That is the love. Not having gotten oil yet into the house? That is the hate.

That would indeed be the hate but I don't see what is to love about having to scrap my car.

Heavy frost on the roof shingles this morning, and nasty dark cloudbank coming in from the north-west.

*battens down the hatches*

We had snow in the third week of November last year; wreaked its usual three days of havoc before the rain washed it away. Proof of global warming, for sure. Why? We don't have snow on the Wet Coast. Buckets and torrents of rain, yes. White stuff, no.

Last year we had snow on October 12th but it didn't stick long. However that is a trifle early, even for Chicago.

Global warming causes snow? Is that because of more moisture in the air?

I'm sorry but I'm jealous. We haven't had snow here in years (seven, I think).

You are a cruel, cruel woman.

Ew, me neither.

One of the advantages of Texas, mayhap?

just enough frost to know it is there, but not enough frost to scrape with so the windshield wipers were able to take care of it.

I had a good thick layer at 6:15 AM.

P doesn't leave for work until 8:30ish. I don't think he has to scrape nearly as frequently.

hate to say it but it's a balmy 60-70 something here today:)

I think you are lying. Not about the temp but about hating to say it.

P likes the seasons, but I would really like to move somewhere more temperate.

It is time to hibernate......

Yes, indeedy.

If only I could work from home all winter....

We haven't had frost yet, but the temp is around 39 and has dropped as low as 34 each morning. I'm in the SE Arizona desert about 150 miles North of Mexico.

Last year around this time it snowed a bit. I hate, hate, hate, scraping my windows but I'm originally from Minnesota so I just automatically warm up the car in the morning.

It's just the first week of frost I tend to forget. :(

Global warming is actually working pretty good for us out here. Cooler summers and warmer winters-but wetter. Although everyone is getting sick with allergies from the plants that haven't grown out here for the last hundred years or so. Everything's a trade-off.

What's your altitude?

My January and February in Tucson I don't think it ever got much below 45-50.

My roomie was from Minnesota and it would amuse us to see folks bundled up in down when it was, as far as we were concerned, light jacket weather.