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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Last Driver's Ed Post ... Probably

When I change lanes, I give it a little gas to maintain my speed relative to the lane I'm changing into.  I feel, otherwise I would slow relative to the new lane on account of  my velocity having a lateral component.

I explained this to MD and it made sense to her (even if I'm not explaining it well here). However, when she asked her driver's ed instructor about it, he said not to give the car gas.

I wonder what the thinking is there.

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I'm just guessing, but a new driver would probably be safer if they didn't give the car gas as they change lanes. Increasing the momentum of a vehicle whilst changing direction results in a decrease of the stability of the car, albeit a small one.

In addition, if you are changing lanes to get around a car in front of you, there is always a chance that person may apply the brakes for some reason. If you are accelerating prior to the lane change there is a much greater chance that you could wind up parked in the other car's trunk.

I think that a new driver would be safer just focusing on fewer variables. On a busy highway you have to accelerate to match the speeds of the cars in the other lane, but there is a little leap of faith involved that an inexperienced driver isn't qualified to make yet.

I think you explained it fine.

Those do sound like pretty valid reasons...


You're quite welcome.

I wish we had driver's ed. here. I don't know if I ever want Rachel to drive. I've lived and driven all over the U.S., and these people out here in this unpopulated area are the worst drivers I've ever seen.

We'll have to find a way to buy her a tank.

Hummers are tank-like and she could live in it.

I was thinking hummer, as well but with the bad drivers you don't really want to skimp on your armor plating.

The explaination was clear as a bell. I think 45cats nailed it. The only thing I might think of besides that is the instructor might be concerned that a new driver might be a bit leadfooted with 'a little gas'. They always tend towards caution, at least the ones I've interacted with. I hope that's understandable, I'm up to my ears in flower arranging and had to take a break from petals. *shudders*

I'm up to my ears in flower arranging and had to take a break from petals.

Ick! Here, at least, it's too late to be productive.

I think I usually speed up too, depending on how close the car is behind me. Why can't I remember this?

Airplane glue.

I don't have the drug excuse, but maybe someone's putting stuff in my coffee?

Would explain the sleepiness. So how'd you manage it?

Aquarium tubing.

And a siphon pump.

And I just thought Folgers tasted always like fish.

You definitely speed up.

I saw when I was stalking you around town.

That was you in the Barbie jeep? Eep!

Bah. I think you're right. You always want to be moving faster than traffic when merging and changing lanes.

Well, at least as fast as traffic. You don't want to run to far up the tail of the car you're merging in behind.

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I have too many peeves to call them pets but that's definitely up there.

She's likely to shoot off the road? I goose it but make the actual shift ungassed then give it gas again as I straighten the car. But then I drive a standard.

So fancy!

Tough to eat with one hand and drive with the other, that's for sure.

It's always so annoying when someone passes me only to slow down for a few minutes (oftentimes slower than the speed I am driving) before they start to inch ahead of me. It's also annoying that, when I go to pass someone, it seems as though they are suddenly speeding up and I must drive considerably faster than whatever speed they were driving just to pass them :P I understand why this happens and why it works, but it's still annoying! Your logic makes sense. *nods*

It's a good thing I don't have road rage, heh-heh...

If I have to get on the expressway, again, behind some cow who can't get her Chevy Ginormia above 40 to merge, I will. (Have road rage that is).