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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Do You Dororo?

I saw an awesome movie with my Asian cinema group Sunday, Dororo. By "awesome" I don't necessarily mean that the film was of the highest quality but that I was entertained.

Not necessarily in the way intended by the film makers. Though it was successful enough that there are two sequels in the works.

A good portion of the movie is spent demon hunting as Hyakkimaru retrieves his body parts. This is what I found especially interesting as there were live action (in the rubber suit and/or CGI sense) versions of monsters similar to what we have seen in Inuyasha, a moth, a giant snakey thing, dogs (but not cuddlesome like Sess!)  and a very hairy demon.  Since Hyakkimaru's body is largely prosthetic he's very hard to damage and, like Inuyasha, he has a sword with powers against demons while Dororo, who is "normal" is right there beside him.


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Happy Halloween!

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Have you had many trick or treaters and are there any bishes in Dororo?

Hyakkimaru's evil bastard of a father and Hyakkimaru's younger brother are pretty hot.

Hyakkimaru has goofy hair that seems to be trying to look like the original manga but he's OK.

We also saw a Vietnamese film called The Rebel and the lead in that was awfully fine. I liked the villain better though.

The lead: