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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Plot Bunny: YYHxHighlander

Still bored so I'm posting this even though I don't have much worked out.

It will use the standard Highlander format of current day story and flashbacks to an earlier interaction.

The opening will be a retelling of the story of Momotarou. for those not up on their Japanese folk tales, it is about a boy from a peach. When his village is threatened by ogres, he takes a sack of kibidango (millet dumplings) made by his dear old mother and goes off to fight the oni. On the way he meets a monkey, a pheasant (or sparrow), and a little dog. On eating a dumpling, each agrees to accompany Momotarou to fight the oni.

My daughter suggested the plot token both are thieves (Amanda and Youko) are after is a scroll containing the Momotarou's mother's true and authentic recipe for kibidango. Paul doesn't like this idea but I like the goofiness of it. Amanda has a client and Youko wants it for his personal collecion.

At some time in the past, Amanda and Youko clash as they try to steal the scroll simultaneously. Youko leaves Amanda for dead. She assumes he is dead, as well.

So, I have some ideas for the past, I just don't know why Amanda would be in Tokyo in the present. She might want the Three Worlds Agency to locate someone or something for her. Maybe the recipe scroll. Naturally, in his Minamino guise, she will not recognize Kurama but he would recognize her.

Maybe, they are not in Japan. Not having to maintain a human illusion will allow Kurama to travel all over. Maybe Kurama is security for an item Amanda wants. Perhaps the recipe.

I don't necessarily see this as a romance. I just like the idea of two ancient thieves trying to assert supremacy.

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