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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Morning Cat

I think I'm glad Boo does the face grooming thing...

There's a 20% Chance That You Need Therapy

You almost certainly don't need therapy. You have your life under control - and things are going pretty well.
If anything, you would make a great therapist. You have a natural understanding of human psychology.

You are a

Social Liberal
(78% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(36% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Democrat (36e/78s)

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

This has been a good week, especially the last couple of days. We're finally getting into the zone on our project at work and I feel like I've contributed. That's always good.

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Tune: Pillows - [PENALTY LIFE #08] Moon Marguerite

Bwahaha! J came running to see why I was sniggering gleefully over that cartoon; thanks for sharing!

You're welcome!

Funny kitty vid. Ours like to put their hand on your face or lick your nose. We hid the bats. :) Hope you had a nice birthday.

I did have one cat that was fascinated with the toilet. She would pat your cheek with a wet paw when she wanted you to get up. It was the most effective strategy I've experienced so far.

Boo grooms whatever face parts he can reach.

I draw the line at lips.

He also does the patting thing. He used to poke me in the eye.

This is soooooo my cat and he'll pester me relentlessly for the same reason! If he could use a baseball bat, I'm sure he would use it, too :)

Boo is very manual but, fortunately, we do not own such an item.

Thank the ghods that cats don't have thumbs is all I can say. And they totally left out the part where the cat meows directly into an ear.

Would MD agree that you're lenient? Hmm.

Are we talking about socially permissive?

It's pilgham who has told MD she's not allowed to date until she's 40 and he's dead.

I just give her advice. I think that's aversion therapy enough.

Until MD's 40? What, she's not going to live at home and attend college online or something? The guy who was wearing an off-color message T-shirt the summer after his freshman year in Another Country?

I was allowed to date when I was 14, but that shocked (and probably annoyed) my very Catholic cousins who had to wait until they were 16.

The guy who was wearing an off-color message T-shirt the summer after his freshman year in Another Country?

But not in front of his innocent daughter.

I suppose not, no, just in front of his parents.

They'd already had sex.

None of the six people I'm friends with on LJ have gone less than 50% on the social. Economically, it's all over the map.

Well, Being a programmer, I am very literal and my interpretation of my answers may not necessarily match the interpretation of the authors.

So, last night I had a dream that I stopped to get gas, and the tally was shooting up so fast that I freaked out. I looked at the price per gallon, and it was over $7.00. Then, I couldn't get the pump to stop. What does that mean?

You're prescient?

>_< F**k. I'd better go dream up some lottery numbers, then.

meow .....meow .........meow.

I wear earplugs!

There seems to be a nerve in my back that is a bit near the surface, it's right about the same location of the crushed vertebrae I suffered when I was young. Tickling it isn't painful, it just gives me a stimulated jump, rather like the one one gets when a partner nibbles ones earlobe.

The point is, Baby has found it and now can wake me with a definite start by patting me firmly in the back with her paws at that spot. She and I really need to discuss our relationship as this seems unfair.

She wakes you up.

You pick her up and toss her out on her rump.

What's to talk about?

But I really should be up just about when she wakes me.

And so you are.

Boo is pretty good about knowing the time, too. We've wondered about that.

Habit. Baby knows she gets breakfast at 9 AM and dinner at 8. She seldom misses. You probably feel hungry for lunch at about the same time every day because of work.

But Evil and Boo do not get fed in the morning.

We feed them no more than 3OZ a meal, they are slim and active for their age (both over 13). Evil and Boo are probably out to get you in revenge for their tubbiness.

I would believe it of Evil.

I dragged the husband over so he could lol over the video with me. ^_^ That would be us times 2 (minus the baseball bat, we don't have one) except that the cats aren't allowed in the bedroom. They are able to wake me up perfectly well by wailing and clawing at the door every morning.

I actually enjoy when Boo comes to get me up. He's all snuggly and stuff. It sort of ruins it when I have to get out of bed. The other bad part is when he grooms my face, especially my lips. He, apparently, feels I need to exfoliate more.