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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yesterday Was NOT a Good Day!

First, I woke up with a hangover, my own damn fault for drinking Almaden Red Sangria mixed with champagne like it was fruit punch (but it was yummier than fruit punch!).

Next I took MD out driving and she was doing fine. I asked if she wanted to assay the expressway or stick to regular streets? MD intimated that she would go for the expressway.

She missed the on ramp!

Fortunately, the worst of it was we were a bit shaken, no damage to car or property. MD wept on my shoulder a bit and then I drove home.

She did get back on the horse to the extent of driving me to Best Buy.

 Lastly, I took Asmodeus in to the Geek Squad.

I get there and there is one person being tended to and then I'm next. "Aces", I thought, "I'll be out of here in no time." Silly O-7.

Scrawny Little Asian Dude (pointing to counter): I'l be right with you. *SLAD wanders off*

O-7: * Hefts Asmodeus onto counter.*

*Other customer completes transaction and leaves. Associated  Geeks also leave.*

*O-7 waits patiently.*

*O-7 waits less patiently.*

*O-7 startes to get a little tetchy.*

*SLAD finally returns*

O-7: It doesn't boot... *SLAD busily hooks Asmodeus up to power and peripherals and finds he needs a video adapter*

*SLAD wanders off again*

O-7: ...

*SLAD returns with stocky, gelled geek*

SLAD: He'll take care of you. *SLAD leaves. Again.*

SGG: Where did you get this?

O-7: It's a Systemax; they're the house brand for TigerDirect.

*Random Geeks apprear out of the woodwork*

It's got an SLI card!

Why do you even need a fan on your heatsync?

What kind is it?

Is it Alienware?

O-7: It's a Systemax; they're the house brand for TigerDirect.

*Random Geeks disappear*

SGG: It seems to be your motherboard.

O-7:  ... *Waits for SGG to explain the procedure for the Geek Squad to fix this, how they will have to order a board, etc.*

SGG: ...

O-7: ...

SGG: You need a UPS.

O-7: ... *Not finding it relevant*

SGG: A UPS is a...

O-7: I know what a UPS is. Does Best Buy install motherboards?

SGG: Yes but you have to  supply the board and if it isn't exactly the same as your current one, we will  reformat your hard drive.

O-7: *Hauls Asmodeus back to car*

Some people might wonder why I gave less space to my child driving off the road than to teenage retail employees behaving like teenage retail employees. Simple, we've all moved on from yesterday's contretemps with the car but I still have to figure out what I am going to do about Asmodeus.

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I'm glad you're both alright. Car accidents, even ones that don't cause harm, are scary. You know, there has been an unusual number of car accidents around LJ lately. Makes me scared to get in a car.

Well it doesn't help when it's a student driver.

I don't understand how she could not see the ramp but once it was pointed out to her she got flustered and that's always bad.

On hearing about it later, Pilgham explained that the proper procedure is to say, "I could have totally made it," while driving on. Everyone else in the car, thankful to be alive, politely agrees.

I'm glad you are both ok. That's all that matters.

Do you know how many SLI cards you have? It can take 2.

Does Asmodeus have the original motherboard?

Did you buy a bare bones kit and put him togethether that way, or was As. already assembled?

I only have one; I don't game just watch the occasional videos and do photo editing.

Asmodeus has the original motherboard.

I didn't put it together. I bought through TigerDirect and customized. When he's working Asmodeus is pretty awesome and still cost less than the first computer I bought. Of course that one came with a monitor.

Really relieved you're all okay! Poor girl...yeah, I'd be crying (actually, I'd probably be bawling and hiccupping like an infant!) on someone's shoulder too. Happy to hear she was ready to get back out there though!

I was really relieved, too. It was pretty hair raising there for a few seconds.

"Ready" may be overstating the case. She needs 25 hours of behind the wheel by the end of the term and the term ends this week. She was 4.5 hours short so driving had to be done.

We did an easy route this evening and all was smooth.

Red Sangria mixed with champagne? *shudders* What possessed you, woman?

And then you took a teen out driving the morning after? Glad to hear you all were okay, it sounds a little scary. Maybe she should stick to slower city traffic for a while longer.

As for Asmodeus, maybe check the Better Business Bureau and see if there's a local version of the Geek Squad. I never completely trust big chains to place more importance on hiring competent people over hiring inexperienced but cheap people.

Red Sangria and champagne? Just think of it as champagne punch. It is really, really tasty. White's even better.

The problem was the speed. She was all lined up nicely, moving with traffice which was fairly slow (35?) and she just didn't see the on-ramp going off the the right until I pointed it out to her by which time it was too late and she probably, in hindsight, should have given it up and gone around the block.

I must remember to give her the go-around-the-block lecture!

When I had to take Asmodeus in over the summer, I did look into it and after reading scary articles on Consumerist I decided to go with the conveniently located morons that I would know where to find.

i know neither one is very funny, but i had to laugh anyway...

MD went to her RL D&D group last night. She said, "At least I'll have a story to tell."

As for the Geek Squad, it was pretty amusing to hear them all spazz out about it. I forgot to mention one other thing that was said several times, "It's so big!" Think Inuyasha's dicksword in blue microcomputer form!

Try repairing your OS first. Do you use XP?

I do use XP. Carefully bought Asmodeus right before Vista became mandatory.

P and I agree it is the motherboard. I went in expecting to need a new motherboard. I just didn't realize it was BYOM.

Why the hell would you do anything that you did yesterday? You need to settle down and drink Apple Jack to make up for it and then drop off Asmodeous at an actual computer repair shop.

As for the driving, look at it this way, missing the on-ramp is far better than trying to make a hard right at forty. >.

missing the on-ramp is far better than trying to make a hard right at forty.

How do you think we ended up on the shoulder?

I would certainly have skipped the hangover if I had been thinking straight!

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It doesn't surprise me. Partly, you are paying for labor and not having fear of opening your box.

I am not afraid of opening my box but I do not want to install a motherboard.

I took another PC to a non-chain. I needed a new hard drive. For some reason, the schmuck made it drive F instead of C so not going back there.

I did look into other places but most computer repair outfits are more oriented towards corporate clients than retail, as far as I could tell, so I settled.

Regarding the Geek Squad...

Why pay someone that actually knows what they're doing a lowly amount they don't deserve when you can pay some idiot half as much and get away with it because the majority of the people that own computers have no clue what a motherboard is, a UPS, etc.? And for some reason any teenager that thinks they have installed a few parts on their machines a few times before or managed to fiddle with the software a couple of times thinks they know all about computers. *rolls eyes* I've found that the biggest ego-freaks are computer techs. They think they know everything and heaven forbid anyone else does too. Meh.

Glad you and MD are ok. I admire her willingness to get back behind the wheel after such an incident! Go MD! She'll look back on this soon and laugh :)

She talked about it in Driver's Ed today and the teacher thought it was "bad".

In orchestra, MD described how she avoided the various lamps and poles and the other kids thought it was "cool".

She sounded shaken, and rightly so. As for the wondering people, the diagram took the place of more details. Plus, it likely took up more time to stand at the counter at Best Buy and then get nothing useful and I'm not judging. (and you were able to type Asmodeus several times - you realize if you type the name a certain number of times, certain doom).

But I typed it with my demon hand.

Good on MD for climbing back behind the wheel! In the grand scheme of things, she'll be a better driver than one who never experiences the adrenaline surge of going unexpectedly off-road in an urban setting.

At least she didn't have to wait for her glowering dad to show up and pull her out of the ditch on the wrong side of town...

It's so big! *chortle* That totally made my day!

No, as these things go, it was, fortunately, pretty darn painless!

I take it you put the car in a ditch? My parents moved out of state as soon as I got my license (basically they made me get it so I could run errands involved with their move) soI never had to face such things. P had to drive 50 miles, or so, on a week night once to let me into my car? Now, I make sure I have a way into my car that is not on the chain with the ignition key.

When P and I had just started dating, we were on our way into Evanston and P missed a turn and plowed into someone. I think the car had to be towed. Put a damper on the evening. Surprisingly, I married him anyway.

The problem with knowing anything about computers is that you know when the tech support people are trying to blow smoke up your ass. I guess that's also a benefit.

I had support come out to fix my printer, which was working fine until recently, but now doesn't put any ink along a stripe on the page. The guy tries a bunch of things, can't figure it out, and decides that it's a driver problem with Vista.

"But it was working with Vista just fine last week." "It's a driver problem. You need to wait for them to come out with a new driver." Argh!

What's going on with it not booting? Does it make it to the POST screen at all? Have you tried booting it with everything out of it except for the video card, RAM, and processor? Unfortunately, I have some experience with this.

We know damn well it's the motherboard. Or something in the hardware guts.

My box has a big window on the side form which I can it's innards. Normally my memory lights up and stays lit as it boots. Now it flickers and dies. We never see a screen. Before when I had this symptom, I could swap in a new CMOS battery but that palliative doesn't work anymore and something is up when the CMOS battery drains in a month.

However, unless you accidentally changed your drivers for some reason, I don't think you had a driver problem...