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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
MD Has Hugged Me Spontaneously Twice in Less Than a Week!

What does she know that I don't?

P.S.  Asmodeus is puny again and I don't like using the laptop so I probably won't be around much.

P.P.S. While I'm thinking about it...

Happy Birthday Inusaga!

Current Location: downstairs
Mood: frustratedfrustrated w/Asmodeus

That does sound fishie. Report cards aren't due yet. Homecoming should be done by now (I would think)... Maybe she needs a ride this weekend and she's buttering you up?


Or else she's trying to lead you off the scent of something. There's no special occasions that warrant surprises in the near future is there?



She must have a BF now!

Er, no, wait. That warrants staying away from the parents in case they find out...


I haven't got a clue ^__^

End of term is a week from Friday, the day after my birthday so you may have something there with the report cards or special occasion.


But if there was a surprise, you'd think she'd try to act natural wouldn't you think?

Just messing with my mind?

Very true. No huggings should be involved with a surprise. Surprise hugs usually means she's had a life and death experience and now appreciates the 'finer' things in life or else it means she wants something, something badly ;p

My vote goes for report card woes.


One final option could be she's doing a psych evaluation and is trying to ascertain O7's mental health with aberrant behavior. If she does something else weird, I'd be frightened.

To repeat - Happy Birthday Inusaga!

Sorry to hear about Asmodeus - who knew someone so powerful could be so unreliable. Hugs, eh, aaaw.

Early happy birthday, anyways...

Yeah! Who knew demonic entities would give so much grief! I thought they were just supposed to be all bishy and stuff!

Speaking of demonic entities, have you had a chance between various motherhood duties to catch any of the new TV? Specifically Pushing Daisies and Reaper?

Shit, I keep missing that, and Heroes and everything else. I need reminders. You're on central time so why don't you shoot me an e-mail...

'cuz I watch them on Tivo a day or three later?

Feh, your paltry excuses bore me.

Because after dinner is Boo's "special time" and he won't let me use the PC 'cuz he's looking at kitten_pics?

Much better - Frosty posts on there, I think.

Boo has told me. In excruciating detail.

Frosty never tells - Boo must be some piece of work!

He tells his mother everything.

You must need earplugs.

Silly! A gag!


Say no more. Cat bondage items, nooo!

Eventually, the collar just wasn't enough.

Hm. I've got no clue about MD (maybe she's pmsing and feeling nostoligc?)
but Pushing Daisies totally has my vote as a show. It's fresh and quirky and really eye-catching. Love it, in its weird way. I have to watch it after the fact, since I work on Wed, but cozying up to the computer has never bothered me.
To sum: Big fat solid A for Pushing Daisies. *is still in rating mode from jrmaxwell's fandom rating project* ^__^

I'd like to see the opener which we missed. Where do you go in the interwebs to see it?

The ABC website is the easiest place to find it, though you could probably find it elsewhere. All the networks seem to be jumping on the streaming video bandwagon, and offering shows after airing. I watched most of Jericho online that way.

Ah crap. That was supposed to say *nostalgic*. >_

I think MD is just showing you she appreciates you.

I'm sorry about Asmodeus, there's something going around, we do nothing but sleep...although the computers seem fine. :)

in re: new TV

Unfortunately I don't get CW, but I've heard Reaper is awesome. I didn't like Pushing Daisies, but only gave it about 10 minutes. I did the same thing to House so I probably can't be trusted.

The best new show I've seen is Dirty Sexy Money. Donald Sutherland, Peter Krauss, and Jill Clayburgh. Oh. And Daniel Baldwin. I think it's funny and warped.

We missed the first ep of Pushing Daisies but after watching a few minutes of the second one, we (P and I) called MD to watch with us because it was so awesome. But I loved the live action "The Tick" and "Wonderfalls", too.

What is "Dirty Sexy Money" about (besides the obvious)?

The personal lawyer for the filthy rich family dies in a helicopter crash. His son is persuaded with $10 mil (mostly to charities of his choice) to continue the role his father played (except his dad had a 40 year affair with the family matriarch).

The filthy rich Darling family gets up to all sorts of fun, frolic, and fraud, and Peter Krauss-the lawyer-is to 'help' in whatever way possible. The family consists of:

Donald Sutherland-patriarch

Jill Clayburgh-unfaithful matriarch

Daniel Baldwin-son running for the senate to please his father. He is desperately in love with a beautiful transvestite and refuses to give her up.

Daughter-Marries constantly and is still 'in love' with the idealistic lawyer and tells him so in front of her husband(s) and/or lover(s)

Son-Catholic priest with anger management issues, a wife and children, and an illegitimate son dumped on him by his girlfriend who then left to live in South America. He tells his wife that the boy is an orphan from Scandinavia who doesn't speak English.


Twin Brother-In love with celebrity and living large. He's banging his twin sister's arch rival and trying to hide it from her.

Twin Sister-Paris Hilton-ish but kind of sweet.

Very funny and easy to pick up without seeing the previous episodes. The priest is very funny. All of it's pretty funny. The characters are actually likeable.

I liked Wonderfalls too. D: I somehow missed "The Tick" entirely.

I don't know. I think I might just sit there appalled.

However, I was dubious about Avatar... I will tell Tivo to get the next episode.

I'll have to try "Pushing Daisies" again. I may have overlooked something in my haste to see "Bones"

Isn't Tivo the best thing ever?

Once you go Tivo, you never go back.

Thank you ^_^

A day early but you know what happens if one doesn't do things when one thinks of them...