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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My Car's 15 Milliseconds of Fame

Pretty bad accident that closed 53 a couple weeks ago. There were at least four vehicles involved. Here you can see the semi over the guard rail and a blue pickup pointing the wrong way.

They blocked northbound traffic with a fire truck. The people in front sat there for a long time. I heard they finally led them back half a mile to the off ramp a column at a time so they didn't have to wait until the semi was towed.

MD has a doctor in a cylindrical building. I don't think the decorating has been updated since the 70s. Her doctor told me to "go left" to the ladies' room. Mayben that was marginally shorter than going right.

A close up of one of the doors in the round building, unrepentantly artificial.

This wound appeared on my  arm mysteriously Saturday.

If I get a handicapped plate, I will go with "GIMPY".

I finally decided the reason for the plate is the car is a convertible.

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What happened with the wound? Is it on the inside of your forearm?


It didn't bother me at all except for being so triangular. The punctures are still there, scabbed over, but the bruising is gone.

huh. I've seen that on Rachel. We decided it was some kind of spider bite but never did figure out the triangularity. It was inside her forearm and bruised just like yours.

Oh the mysteries of life.

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Abducted by aliens? I'm just glad they didn't do the anal probing...

Too bad they didn't keep me longer; I could sure use the vacation.

If you don't recall being abducted, how can you be sure about the anal probing?

My mind might not recall the anal probing but I'm fairly sure my butt would...

Someone else suggested it might be a spider bite. Why would there be three punctures instead of two?

It's aliens, I tell ya.

The only explanation I could come up with was that a spider was somehow confined in her blankets or clothing and bit her 3 times in what was coincidentally a triangle. Like maybe her arm was on top of the covers and the spider was in an empty space beneath, trying to get out.

I was flailing around for a rational explanation because she's afraid of aliens.

Maybe the aliens are giving us some kind of smallpox type of vaccination.

Your life is getting more mysterious by the nanosecond.

All these mysterious folk on her LJ.

I thought the purpose of LJ was to remove all mystery?

It seems to be working in reverse then.

Be sure to let us know when you start to thirst for blood, kay.

I think I'm more like Bunnicula.

Is that your otherkin persona?

Aren't you familiar with Bunnicula, the vampire bunny and scourge of fresh vegetables?

I am! But I truly can't remember the plotline - did he suck the juice out of fresh veggies?

Well, yeah! Bunny!

You'll be craving V8 then? Hmmmm.