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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Now You Don't Need to See '300'!



I love cat macros. ^_^ I got one of my student assistants hooked on I Can Has Cheezburger--it's like crack!

That's where MD got this.

Here's a link that discusses our reaction to 300:


But, long story short, we think the pic is better than the movie.


That's what you Persians always say. Until we drag you to Hell with us!

And we got short hairs with lazers, what you got?


Did you make that? I looked in your userpics. I haven't seen some of them, they're all hysterical!

I'm not skilled at making icons, I just steal them. :) I only wish I had more space for icons (without having to pay for it), since I have more.


That didn't come out right. Before I posted it, it looked like a one eyed emoticon.

Were you trying to make it look like the cat?

I was. I wrote something and when I did this: O.o

I thought it looked like the cat except for the eye. The dash clinched it, but the font defeated me. So much for clever.

The breath hit me through the computer screen.

Then it amply represents the movie.

The guys were cute, though, with their body make up and all. When they weren't screaming "We'll see you in hell" or something like that.

That pretty much sums up the whole movie right there.

LOL....my Friday has gotten even better now ^^