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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pros & Cons

We live in a suburb of Chicago called Wheeling. I'm hoping to move next year after MD graduates HS but not because I dislike Wheeling, because I dislike my house.

4 Reasons I want to move (These are the biggies):
1. Only 1 off street parking spot.  We are a typical suburban family with two wage-earners. That means two cars. Whomever gets home from work first, usually me, has to park on the street and it isn't always easy. I often have to park on a different street from where we live. (Note: when we moved here, I was self-employed and we only had the one car.)
2. The commute. My office moved in February. Prior to the move, my commute each way was under 15 minutes unless there was blizzard. Now, it's 25 minutes on the expressway, which is under construction so I'm taking regular streets and it's 30 to 40 minutes each way and I don't like it.
3. The squalor. OK, this is purely our fault but there's nothing like moving for making one throw stuff out and we'd get at least a few good years before we were back in this state.
4. Shoveling is a freakin' pain despite my short driveway. I can only throw the snow to one side (it would be uncouth to toss it on the neighbor's driveway) and I have to throw it over a hedge.

On the other hand, I really like Wheeling. Reasons I'd stay:
1. The food. We eat out a lot. There are lots of  good restaurants close by, especially if you like Mexican food. (However, I don't recommend the tacos at the Chinese buffet in downtown Wheeling).
2. The Forest Preserve. I could easily walk to the forest if I wanted.
3. The airport. I have never flown from or to the airport and I probably never will, even though it's the third busiest in Illinois, but because of the airport there are plenty of car rental places close by. I though this was normal until I tried to rent a car near my parent's place in Lakewood, WA. -- May have been reaching with this one...
4. Not homogeneous. Wheeling has all kinds and I like that.
5. Very industrial. Strange as it may seem, I enjoy driving around industrial parks and it keeps the property taxes low.

Bed we didn't buy yesterday even though we both really, really liked it.

There was some question of whether it could be gotten up our narrow steps and around our sharp corners.

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It's still a nice bed.

I came home and looked it up on the internet.

In addition to giving us attitude, the store was charging 500$ more than suggested retail. We won't be purchasing from there any time soon.

a lot of people forget that if you live in a high industrial area, your taxes are low.
now here is the question...are you going to wait a few months before moving or are you going to put up the "For Sale" as soon as she gets the diploma. Suggestion for hint the daughter out...sell her bed for at least $40 bucks. (in 1984 it was $20)

Actually, we are in such a position that we don't have to sell this one before buying another so I'll probably start shopping in the Spring.

We'll slap on the "for sale" sign once this is empty, then we won't have to worry about living neat.

You forgot the stairs! After living in a condo (previous home), I really enjoy flat living. Moving stuff up stairs just bites.

The squalor.

Now that's a really good reason to move. Leave all the mess behind! It acutally works to some extent. But, unfortunately, not as much as I'd hope. I've found some of it does follow you simply because after cleaning out and packing in an organized manner for about two or three days I usually give up and start cramming stuff into boxes. I don't know about you, but moves don't always give you a lot of time either. Either way, I look forward to moving but when the time comes to spend my evenings putting things in boxes, my enthusiasm wanes.

So, have you gone walking in the forest preserve?

Umm no. But we went there to see the cicadas a few months ago? And we get to see dear as we drive by and such. The option is there even if we don't avail ourselves. Actually P eats breakfast in the forest preserve often and then gets agitated at the fly dumpers.

Oh, yeah the stairs. We are gonna try to find a ranch that's not incredibly tiny. It's that or knee replacement.

What are fly dumpers?

Hereabouts, the fee you pay for garbage removal covers a certain number of bins. Over that, they charge extra. In summer time, they charge extra for yard waste.

Fly dumpers are people who illegally dump their garbage. What P has been seeing is yard waste dumping. Aside from taxes, this is bad because then the public garbage cans are full and there's no where to put one's own trash from, say, eating breakfast in the forest.

Very nice bed. That would without a doubt, give you more room to store your squallor. LOL.
That's what I want... A bed frame that will hide more of my junk!

Go for the ranch. I love ours. I'd like bigger... but, meh. Definately like no stairs for laundry, no stairs to move things up and down. I do however, miss my basement terribly. Ours only has a tornado cellar.

It's not like either of us is getting any younger...

P's very conservative and having always had stairs, as have I, it took a bit for him to come 'round to the idea but I think he's open to it now.

The TV in our bedroom was dead. 7 years ago, when we moved it upstairs, it was a piece of cake. Since then my knees have gone south as has his shoulder. It was madness and death getting it down the stairs to the trash. We seriously considered wrapping it in a sheet and tossing it out the front window.

Squalor, and a Chinese place that sells tacos. Good reasons to move. (seriously, a Chinese buffet that sells Mexican food? I love this country.^^)

Have you even started looking for another place? Maybe your potential new area will have just as many, or acceptable replacements for, amenities as the industrial area. And even more room for snow?

Wheeling is 30% Hispanic so, I think, the buffet just wanted to cover all the bases. The Chinese buffets usually offer cheese pizza, too.

Isnt Bob Chins in Wheeling? Ive been to Wheeling once, looks like a nice place to live. I want to move too, I dislike the commute to the city, hopefully I can work in the burbs sometime in the near future

Bob Chinn's is walking distance from my house.

Yummers...I need to go back there one day

Where's your new office?

I am currently in the loop, right off of Clark and Madison

I used to move every couple of years or so for my jobs and it was absolutely the best way to eliminate the squalor. I still have 1/2 of Rachel's bedroom junk in the living room because she doesn't want to throw anything out, nor does she want it to clutter up her new room. (painted and a new floor)

We've been here for 15 years so; well...it's a lot of stuff. It doesn't bother me as much as it does Brian; so that does add to its' appeal. We're all online most of the time anyway. I've found that things look neater if you stack them from largest to smallest at right angles to each other and try to match the shapes of things in the stack.

Nice bed.

I abase myself before you! We don't have stacks, except for DVDs; we have heaps. Stacks sound so much tidier!